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Afanasenkov claimed by Flyers is reporting that Dmitri Afanasenkov has been claimed off waivers by Philadelphia. Now I guess the Bolts just have to hope that someone else shows interest in Karlsson. At this point I think there may be some more changes coming, we'll have to wait and see. I know I've read recently that Feaster is looking to bring in a defenseman and may use the cap space opened by putting guys on waivers or making a trade to get one. From what I'm hearing Prospal and Fedotenko may want to keep their cell phones handy for a while. We'll see what happens, the Lightning need to get it together though. They are too good to be having this much trouble.

Bolts trade for new goaltender...

TSN is reporting that the Lightning have traded forward Fredrik Modin and goalie Fredrik Norrena to the Columbus Blue Jackets for goaltender Marc Denis. While I'm glad to see the Bolts finally got an NHL experienced goaltender, I'm not so sure that Denis is the guy that will lead the Bolts back to the Stanley Cup. From what I've seen of him over the past couple of seasons while watching him play for Columbus, he has shown some flashes of greatness but nothing consistant. Denis had a record last season of 21-25-1 with a 3.25 goals against average and a .900 save percentage. I guess at this point what's done is done and we'll all have to wait and see how he works out.

Luongo to Canucks....

I don't like the trade of Luongo to the Canucks...sure they get Todd Bertuzzi coming back but I think the cats could've done alot better than Toldd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen, and Alex Auld. I mean this is good for the Bolts who have always struggled against Luongo. Sending him out west is a definite plus for the Bolts and the SE Division, but I still think they could've gotten a better deal for him. Now we must wait and see how the Bolts do in the draft. I really hope they don't get Mark Denis from Columbus...he isn't the #1 goalie this team needs. I'd say of the ones that are mentioned that they get Nabokov...I mean he's under contract for the next few years and is very we'll just have to wait and see.

Keller signs with Bolts... is reporting on their website that the Lightning has signed Junior sniper Justin Keller to a standard three year rookie contract. I'm glad to see this, that the Bolts are moving quickly to get their people under contract. In my opinion signing Keller, Lascek, and resigning Richards were top priorities and I'm glad to see Jay Feaster thought along those same lines. I think the two young junior stars along with the hopefully soon signing of Blair Jones will go along way to securing the future firepower of this organization. Along with the talent the Lightning already have on their roster, these young players, and the crop of talented young defensemen the organization has in it's stable, this should be a good team for years to come.

Richard's gets his new deal...

So I saw that the bolts locked up Brad Richards long term this morning. It's a good deal for him obviously, I mean who wouldn't like to make 7.8 million a year. We get him here 5 more years which is a plus because he is our top player and one of the best playmakers in the game. The problem is now with his new huge deal how does the team go out now and get a decent goalie and upgrade the defense? This worries me alot and it might be a sign that a strong youth movement is in the works for the team. We'll have some good forwards but the team will be young and inexperienced in many positions, this is trouble.
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