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This could be the year...

I've seen it leading up to this the last couple of years. Everything seems to go in cycles and it may have come full circle for the bolts. They went from being a league cellar dweller to being an elite team to being a fairly good team. More so this season and last it has been very evident how much the team relies on the big three. Besides them and Prospal chipping in a bit, there isn't much other offense. I think the last year or two we've been on suicide watch for the team, hoping they can keep it together. I think this year though may be the year that we finally, unfortunately, see one or more of the top players on the team moved.

Hlavac signs one year deal with Bolts... is reporting that Jan Hlavac has signed a one year deal with the Bolts. Hlavac, who has spent the last three seasons playing over in Europe was apparently very eager to return to the NHL. Jay Feaster is quoted substantiating that and says it is further proven by the cap friendly amount Hlavac signed for, which was not stated in the article. The thought is obviously to throw him on the 2nd line with Brad Richards and hope it works. We'll just have to wait and see on that one. He scored 20 goals and recorded 31 points with a plus-8 rating in 41 games this past season with Sparta Praha of

Feaster and Tortorella...

This is quite a pair there. I've tried to hold back a while and keep the faith and try to believe in this pair, but it's over at this point. Feaster, I know he tries to do his best, but come on now. I remember last summer when it was rumored the team was interested in getting Marc Denis, all I could say was I hope they are joking. And look, less than a year later they are looking to get rid of him. And now they are back to trying to find another goaltender and a 2nd line winger when they gave up both for Denis. Fredrick Norrena, had a very good year with Columbus and was resigned by them. Fredrick Modin, had great years with Tampa and then went over to Columbus and played well there too, resigned to a longer deal.

Holmqvist resigned to 1 year deal... is reporting that the Lightning have resigned goaltender Johan Holmqvist to a one year deal. Now that they've got him locked up for another year, it'll ge interesting to see how he plays. Feaster said he now has the chance to prove himself as a legitimate number one goalie in the league. So we know he's going to be back now, and probably is the starter. Now, if they can somehow find a team dumb enough to take Denis off their hands, I guess you plug in Kari Ramo as the backup? I guess we'll have to wait and see about this one.

St. Louis and Lecavalier are All-Stars....

Marty ST. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier have been added to the Eastern Conference All-Star team. I thought Boyle should've gotten a chance to go as well but at least Tampa will be well represented.

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