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henrich tearing the E up!

i think its time that adam gets his opportunity especially after that 8-0 spanking that springy took. henrich has 7 points in his last 3 games and is a team leading +6 in 9 games. give him is fair chance at a 1st or 2nd line in springfield. how do u guys feel...?

is henrich injured?

hey there guys...any1 know what the status with henrich is...he hasnt played the last couple of games for the chiefs just wondering if u guys know why...thanks for your help...

henrich being in 1st round of cuts?

hey im big fan of the lightning and the teams prospects...i am also a big fan of adam henrich and followed his ohl career in brampton...y was this guy cut he had 5 points in 4 games at camp and size and 6'4'' what did he do wrong to be a 1st cut? thanks for any insight from those who were at camp...
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