NHL Network to televise WJC in USA

NHL Network to televise 2008 World Junior Championships
Dec 19, 2007

New York, NY -- NHL Network, the first national network dedicated entirely to hockey, today announced it has secured the exclusive U.S. rights to the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship in Pardubice and Liberec, Czech Republic, Dec. 26, 2007 – Jan. 5, 2008. The upcoming tournament marks the first time the World Junior Championship will be telecast live on NHL Network in the United States. NHL Network in the U.S. will televise live coverage of the entire medal round of the 2008 World Junior Championship, including both quarterfinal games, both semifinal contests, the bronze-medal game and the gold-medal game. All games will be televised in HD and will receive at least one primetime re-air on the network.

HF- "Lets Just Pretend Mike Lundin Doesn't Exist"

What gives HF? Seriously.

Look, we're long past the point of expecting anything resembling objectivity considering one of your top writers was once quoted as claiming Blair Jones was "trash" because he was a 4th round pick, but can you guys at least acknowledge that Mike Lundin (another 4th round pick, so I guess that makes him "trash" too) has made the NHL? Is that really too much to ask?

Message Board?

I can't access the SSB. I'm sick and tired of being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up with being sick and tired of the SSB crapping out all the time. Any thoughts on a message board at boltprospects?

This could be the year...

I've seen it leading up to this the last couple of years. Everything seems to go in cycles and it may have come full circle for the bolts. They went from being a league cellar dweller to being an elite team to being a fairly good team. More so this season and last it has been very evident how much the team relies on the big three. Besides them and Prospal chipping in a bit, there isn't much other offense. I think the last year or two we've been on suicide watch for the team, hoping they can keep it together. I think this year though may be the year that we finally, unfortunately, see one or more of the top players on the team moved.

Doug Janik (No, Really!) is Your Daddy

Lightning defenseman Doug Janik mid-pummelling of Carolina forward Craig Adams in tonight's 6-1 Lightning win over the Hurricanes. He looks eeeeeeeee-vil!

Photo courtesy yahoo images.

Jay Rosehill is Your Daddy

Lightning prospect defenseman Jay Rosehill smacking around Hershey agitator Louis Robitaille like a little... well, this is a family website.

Greetings from that other Gulf Coast team...

Twelve hours till game time here in Biloxi. Hope the boys decide to show up for the game tonight. Just to let you all know, I'm no hockey expert, never played the game. I only really got interested in hockey during the Sea Wolves Kelly Cup season. But I quickly got hooked on the game and I'm an avid Sea Wolves fan now.

The first two weeks down here have not been enjoyable on the hockey front. But considering what we've dealt with the last two years, even bad hockey is better than no hockey!

Some random observations...

Morgan Cey: I like him in goal. He tends to flop around in a sort of Dominic Hasek style occasionally without the Hasek flopping skills. He seems to have good vision for the shots coming his way most of the time and makes some pretty damned spectacular saves.

Kevin Quick on CSTV

Television heads-up:

Kevin Quick and Michigan play at Nebraska-Omaha tonight on CSTV.

what is going on now?

I was on board till Monday, with the coaching. Why did Torts bring back Boyle and plug him into the power play immediately? The 6th ranked PP; what are they now? Why didn't they send him to Norfolk for a week; couldn't he see in practice that he was not ready? This is the same coach that played Taylor last year. It seems Torts gets a system, then when things go wrong, he makes the wrong adjustments. Now what will he do; put them on a plane to Vancouver and scream at them the whole way? Maybe that's happenning while I'm trying to squeeze this in to my shrinking space. Tort's put us in this tailspin, and then tried to blame the players.

Russian prospect news

Not sure if the BP guys had seen this yet, but Denis Kazionov is no longer on any team in Russia and apparently tried out for HC Avangard. I know the last few reports have him as not playing, and very true as he isnt with the team! It's under 10/25/07 notes at

Also I'm trying to find out from my Russian friends, but Artyukhin might be hurt which is why he isnt playing but that cant be found anywhere so its just a rumor for now.

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