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NHL Game Night: 2-19-19 Lightning at Flyers

Short-staffed Lightning pound Flyers.


Louis Domingue allowed 2 goals on 30 shots. Made some highlight reel saves in the Second Period to ensure the Lightning got to cruise into garbage time early.

First Period
2:22 TB Sergachev (4), (Stamkos, Palat)
5:13 TB Killorn (13), (Cirelli, Erne)
10:23 TB Miller (10), (unassisted)

Second Period

Third Period
1:03 PHI Lindblom (11), (Couturier, Raffl)
7:42 TB Gourde (17), (Miller, McDonagh)(PP)
10:51 PHI Konecny (18), (Couturier, Sanheim)
19:23 TB McDonagh (6), (unassisted)(EN)

J.T. Miller and Erik Cernak were the game's first and third stars.

The Lightning had two all-stars out of the lineup and still ran the Flyers out of their own barn within the first 11 minutes of the game. It was a sloppy effort at time from Tampa Bay once they got that three goal cushion, but Domingue did what he needed to in order to deliver the team to the final frame with the all-important margin still in tact.

Danick Martel had 2 penalty minutes, 3 shots, and 1 blocked shot in 10:27.

Cernak was +1 with 1 shot, 4 hits, and 2 blocked shots in 19:12.

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NHL Game Night: 2-18-19 Lightning at Blue Jackets

Lightning don't play their best, but still crush Columbus.


Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 1 goal on 40 shots and missed a third straight shutout by an eyelash. He was outstanding in the opening frame while the team in front of him was sleepwalking a bit.

First Period
11:18 TB Kucherov (28), (Gourde, Sergachev)
14:24 TB Kucherov (29), (unassisted)

Second Period
19:31 TB Stamkos (33), (Kucherov, Point)(PP)

Third Period
0:12 TB Point (34), (Kucherov, Sergachev)(PP)
0:46 TB Point (35), (Kucherov)
18:15 CBJ Sedlak (4), (Nash, Harrington)

Nikita Kucherov, Vasilevskiy, and Brayden Point were the game's three stars.

Not even close to the Lightning's best game. They got doubled up in shots 40-20. Torts' Columbus club lived up to their reputation from a work ethic standpoint, while the Lightning had a very sleepy start to this one. Didn't matter. So, once again, the Blue Jackets found themselves shelled at the hands of the team from Tampa Bay.

Erik Cernak was +1 with 8 hits and 2 blocked shots in 22:20 due to a heavier workload with Victor Hedman leaving the game early.

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NHL Game Night: 2-16-19 Canadiens at Lightning

Beacoup de chatons.


Andrei Vasilevskiy turned aside all 20 shots he faced to set the Lightning franchise record for career shutouts in a Tampa Bay sweater. And he's still just a baby in goaltending years.

First Period

Second Period

Third Period
2:16 TB Kucherov (27), (Stamkos, Palat)(PP)
3:41 TB Gourde (16), (Point, Kucherov)
16:46 TB Johnson (21), (Stamkos, Palat)

Vasilevskiy, Nikita Kucherov, and Yanni Gourde were the game's three stars.

How many times have we seen this? Montreal sells out to play a pretty tight forty minutes and looks like they're up to making it a challenge. Then the Lightning just blow them off the ice in the Third Period with their depth, and by the time the final buzzer sounds you realize the Lightning have almost doubled them in shots, won 60% of the draws, etc. etc. and it's a total squash.

Erik Cernak was +1 with 7 shots, 3 hits, and 2 blocked shots in 17:48. As the stat line suggests, he was excellent tonight.

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NHL Game Night: 2-14-19 Stars at Lightning

Shock, awe, and kittens as Lightning deal Dallas a St. Valentine's Day massacre.


Andrei Vasilevskiy stopped all 32 shots he faced to tie Ben Bishop's franchise record for career shutouts.

First Period
7:19 TB Stamkos (31), (Palat, Kucherov)(PP)
12:39 TB Sergachev (3), (Kucherov, Point)
12:53 TB Johnson (20), (Stamkos, Palat)
14:40 TB Kucherov (26), (Killorn)

Second Period
8:23 TB Killorn (12), (Stralman, McDonagh)
16:28 TB Stamkos (32), (Kucherov, Point)

Third Period

Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos, and Vasilevskiy were the game's three stars.

I think we could've said this definitively after the Calgary game, but tonight's victory clearly puts the post-All Star Break funk in the rear view mirror. People have asked me why I don't write about the 12-in-10 rule for the last twenty or so games. The Lightning now sit at 90 points through 58 games, meaning they need just six points in their final 24 games to likely make the postseason. You know, I think they might just slide in this season.

With graduations out of the way and Erik Cernak still nursing a minor injury, I think this might've been the first game this season with no players classified as prospects in the lineup. When Cernak returns, he needs seven more appearances to likely complete this season's class of Bolt Prospects' Alumni.

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