Sersen, Michal

February's Slovakian Extraliga Scores

Bratislava heads into the playoffs with a first round matchup against MHC Martin beginning tomorrow as Michal Sersen continues to work to rehab his knee to try to return to the lineup...

Solvakian Extraliga Scores 1/23-1/30

Michal Sersen is out for Bratislava with a knee injury that will likely keep him out until the Slovakian playoffs. Sersen suffered damage to his meniscus that will require rehabilitation and the use of a knee brace before he can return to the ice. In his absence, Bratislava went 2-2 since the last update.

Slovakian Extraliga Scores 1/9-1/18

The Lightning's blueline injury problems extend all the way to Slovakia, apparently.

Slovakian Extraliga Scores 12/15-1/6

Michal Sersen had 2 penalty minutes in Bratislava's 6-1 win over Bystrica.

Michal Sersen was scoreless in Bratislava's 2-1 win over Bystrica.

Michal Sersen had 2 assists and 2 penalty minutes in Bratislava's 6-2 win over Martin.

Michal Sersen was scoreless in Bratislava's 3-2 win over Kosice.

Michal Sersen had an assist and 14 penalty minutes after a dust up at the end of regulation in Bratislava's 5-1 win over Zvolen.

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