Syracuse Crunch

AHL Game Night: 1-4-20 Crunch at Rocket

Crunch fail to parlay drubbing of Toronto into a streak.


Zach Fucale allowed 3 goals on 15 shots fresh off the Spengler Cup. Sadly, not the result that seems to put him in the discussion for fixing some of Syracuse’s iffy goaltending issues.

First Period
15:52 LAV Ouellet (8), (McCarron)(PP)

Second Period

Third Period
0:48 LAV Veilleux (4), (Leskinen, McCarron)
5:04 LAC Cuddemi (2), (Lynch)
10:16 SYR Barre-Boulet (14), (Foote, Mattel)(PP)
15:22 SYR Katchouk (7), (Joseph, Foote)

Mathieu Joseph was the game’s third star.

In fairness to the Crunch skaters, they did outshoot Laval by a ridiculous 35-15 margin. So it’s not like they played really poorly. It’s just the story of 2019-2020 thus far: whether it’s goaltending or defense or inability to finish chances, the team just can’t seem to string together enough complete efforts to win enough games to really rise up the standings.

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AHL Game Night: 1-3-20 Marlies at Crunch

Syracuse buries Marlies under an avalanche of goals.


Spencer Martin allowed 2 goals on 22 shots for the win. Sweet sweet goal support.

First Period
0:46 SYR Smith (12), (Conacher, Thomas)
14:15 SYR Thomas (2), (Somppi, Martel)
17:47 SYR Raddysh (6), (Barre-Boulet, Foote)(PP)

Second Period
3:14 SYR Colton (5), (Barre-Boulet, Volkov)(PP)
5:39 TOR Petan (4), (Liljegren, Agostino)(PP)
6:42 SYR Conacher (12), (Martel)(SH)
8:46 SYR Smith (13), (Foote, Joseph)
11:14 TOR Read (4), (Harpur, Baptiste)

Third Period
7:21 SYR Barre-Boulet (13), (Raddysh, Somppi)
12:22 SYR Somppi (4), (Walcott, Huntington)

Gemel Smith, Otto Somppi, and Ben Thomas were the game’s three stars.

Syracuse finally put together the kind of dominant performance their talent level suggests on paper they’re capable of. I’m not even talking about the eight goals, either. The team outpossessed Toronto, a perennially strong AHL club, by a remarkable 56-22 advantage. The eight goals may not happen every night, but this kind of well rounded pressure attack from Syracuse absolutely can, and with a little luck you get a night like this one where everyone starts finding the scoresheet and everyone gets to feed.

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AHL Game Night: 12-31-19 Crunch at Devils

Rough patch continues for the Crunch.


Spencer Martin allowed 4 goals on 32 shots for the loss.

First Period
3:24 SYR Conacher (11), (Gaunce, Smith)(PP)
13:03 BNG McLeod (5), (Bastian, Baddock)
17:48 BNG Mermis (3), (Schnarr, Zetterlund)(PP)

Second Period
7:30 BNG Melchiori (3), (Baddock, Merkley)

Third Period
2:12 BNG Street (12), (Groleau, Merkley)
8:42 SYR Smith (11), (Walcott, Volkov)
11:29 SYR Joseph (2), (Foote, Smith)(PP)
19:59 BNG Bastian (5), (McLeod, Baddock)(EN)

Gemel Smith was the game's second star.

Syracuse got the false hope goal tonight after falling into a three goal hole early in the Third Period, but there's a reason why I call it the false hope goal.

Syracuse is now winless in their last three games as they continue to languish in the bottom third of the North Division.

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AHL Game Night: 12-28-19 Crunch at Senators

Crunch embarrass themselves on way to surrendering snowman.


Mike Condon allowed 4 goals on 22 shots for the loss. Spencer Martin allowed the other 4 goals on 26 shots.

First Period
4:52 BEL Chlapik (4), (Murray, Abramov)(PP)
11:16 BEL Balcers (7), (Brown, Aspirot)
17:38 BEL Abramov (13), (Chlapik, Murray)(PP)

Second Period
2:12 BEL Balcers (8), (Aspirot)(SH)
10:25 BEL Abramov (14), (Batherson, Murray)
11:46 BEL Lajoie (1), (Kelly)
13:21 SYR Foote (3), (Volkov, Colton)(PP)
14:35 SYR Martel (11), (Foote, Smith)

Third Period
14:29 BEL Dougherty (3), (Formenton)(PP)
17:54 BEL Abramov (15), (Veronneau, Chlapik)(PP)

You know, there's just way too much talent on this Syracuse team to be as mediocre-to-terrible as they've been most of this season. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard, and Syracuse's talent hasn't had the proper work ethic, consistently, for much of this campaign. And, frankly, if they don't do some serious introspection and realignment of their effort level soon, they're going to miss the postseason. Unthinkable for a team with some of the established stars the team has.

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