Day 1 Prospect Camp Observations

I used to go to Lakeland one Saturday every year for the camp scrimmages. I haven't gone to anymore practice/scrimmages since camp moved to Brandon. (That doesn't really make sense since I live in Clearwater.) Anyway the prospects were a pleasant surprise, much higher quality than the good old days. I also usually sit high behind the goal versus low towards the middle where we were required to be today, so my perspective is a little different than normal. But I thought the game was fairly crisply played, though not overly intense or hard hitting (there were a few good ones). There was nobody to really tout for the big club this season in terms of having Ranger/Craig type impact. I think Rogers could make a play for a final D-man spot. Physically he,Rosehill, & Smolenak looked like men both in physical appearance and posture wise. Movement and build wise Rogers also resembles Ranger, but doesn't have as much puck handling ability. I'll break this by position giving my thoughts on those i noticed: Goalies: Disher - I've been to Johnstown, he's back-up quality there. Doubt he'll be signed barring injury. Good butterfly guy down low. Pearce - Fills alot of net. Actually, he was more mobile than I expected. Not likely to be signed by us. If he loves hockey enough he could be a career ECHL starter/ AHL fill-in maybe a bit higher. Beech - With Pearce on the other end, it's very hard to believe he's 6-4. Pearce is plays tall and big, Beech bends over and stays in tight. He shows some movement and tries to get out of the net. Hard to tell, trust the scouts right now. Ramo - He's the elite prospect of this group mo doubt. His movement is better than the other three combined. At one point he gloved one, scated out of the traffic, dropped the puck, skated another stride with it and passed it out of trouble, maybe better than any goalie to wear a Bolts' sweater. On an amusing note, he started the 2nd half, the first shot hit him in the gut, no sonner did he wrap it against his belly, his teammate D'Aversa got lifted off the ice by somebody and came flying into the same spot. All were all right. I'll continue on another post with the defenseman.