Day 1 Prospect Camp Observations: Forwards

I'll admit I spent much more time watching the goalies and d'men than the forwards, but I tell about what I saw. The top performer was Desharnais, the most opportunistic was Croxton. The top line was Kvapil, Lawrence, Smolenak, although only Kapvil touched the score sheet during a partial line change. Smolenak - Looks like Affy. Good size, filled out, strong on his skates, shows some offensive skill that will tantalize us. Will he score in the show or be a 3rd liner? Should see at somr point this year. Kvapil - Almost fully mature looking. Looks bigger than was led to believe. Easy E's article mentioned he has bulked. Attacked the net well. Lawrence - Will watch him closer next time. Looked like he belonged on that line, Worked well with his mates. Collins - A definite checking liner. Went out against the Kvapil line to start the 2nd. Has a little jump in his step. Lascek - Showed as a set-up man. Looked bigger than listed. Jones - Noticed him a lot at center ice, not so much at the net. Keller - Another one more noticable in the middle of the ice and sort of lost around the net. I think Pearce's big body stoned him one time early from in close. Hrdel - Made a note during the break to pay more attention to him in the 2nd. Don't remember seeing him. Another I'll go back to watch. Desharnais - He's a hockey player. He doesn't have the first step explosion or extra gear of Marty nor do I think he's got as much as Perrin in those categories. He's probably better offensively than Perrin overall. I'll be in the Wheeling/Johnstown areas this Christmas holiday and I hope to see him there. I don't think they'll make a roster spot for him. Boisclair - Not for me. Slow skating, perimeter player. If Desharnais goes to the net, he'll go with him, otherwise he votes to be the third man high. I could tell the two played together even before I checked the roster to confirm that they had. Comparable player (not just racially) in my mind to Jason Spence from a few years back. ECHL high scorer, AHL filler. Would help Johnstown to the playoffs. Croxton - Opportunistic player. Has a nose for the puck. Not a great shooter but may be a minor league scorer. Possible Johnstown. Robinson - I wasn't trying to notice him, but he stayed around the puck a lot. Chuckled every time I saw him thinking of Jason Robinson the defense prospect from the early years. The rest of them didn't do anything to register on my radar. I'm going to the Rays game tomorrow, early start, so I may bust back there tomorrow. If not I'll go Friday if it's moved to late and Saturday possibly if I get my deck repaired quick enough.