Day 2 Prospect Camp Observations

First a little more info on the scoring. Goal 1 - Woolger picked up a loose puck inside the red line and quickly fed Fuller all alone. He Ramo stayed in net and Fuller roofed a wrister. This was the first shot Ramo faced. Goal 2 - Griffith pick up a loose puck (in the slot I believe) as everyone was trying to clear the zone. Took it in on Disher and beat him low. This was a goal I was preoccupied during, so the description is a little hazy. Goal 3 - This goal was made by Keller. He was tenacious behind the net just to Ramo's right. He finally controlled it enough to throw it in the slot to Lascek. Lascek had a good look to shoot, got an average shot off and Ramo kicked it with his right pad. Jones was the only one to Ramos right and slid the puck in the corner of the net. Goal 4 - This has been a hard working line both days. Fuller and Woolger were working hard behind the net. Fuller gain the puck on the back wall to Pearce's right, slipped it to Woolger on the left side who fed it into the circle to Wheat who one-timed a laser. Some random observations: 19 is a charmed number for the Bolts. Didn't bradley wear 19 for the Bolts? Now Richards. Yesterday was Croxton's day wearing 19 for the black. Guess what number is on the back of Fuller's white jersey? Smaby needs fighting lessons to just to stand-up for his teammates. There was a lady in a UND sweater sitting with her husband down in front of me saying "No, Matt" repeatedly during the scrum. Parents? By the way he fought 5 -11, 180 Todd Griffith after he nailed Griffith along the boards. Croxton missed a penalty shot 2nd day in a row. Fuller, like Croxton yesterday, had nothing to show on a penalty shot shortly after looking good on a breakaway goal. Boisclair missed the only other PS. I hope Rogers has food poisoning or an emergency appendectomy versus "China Doll" syndrome. Player Observations: The Devil Rays sucked so badly my daughter voted to leave early and go watch hockey, so I unexpectedly was on time. I had decided this morning to focus more on forwards as I spent yesterday looking more at goal and defense. When Rogers no-showed, I thought I better follow Smaby an Egener a little also. Goalies: Nothing significant to report. I thought Pearce was better. he compares favorably to Eckland which means he's not good enough for this organization anymore. Hard to fathom him being a #3 in college though. He's better than that. Defense: The tryout guys are leaving a good impression. I saw grover a lot yesterday, I saw him play pretty well most of today. He could be depth at Springy - no NHL upside. D'Aversa and Barthell both did some good things also. Atherton showed a little better stick today - still unlikely IMO. Mihalik - Played left side all day yesterday. Started on left, but played right most of the 1st half today. Plyed left again in the 2nd. Looked much more comfortable and fewer mistakes on the right side. Got a nice shot off from the point also. Smaby - I had a more favorable impression than yeaterday. Showed a nice shot from the blue line, closed very well to take away a couple of odd man rushes. Generally was solid. I still think he'll get spun around a bit by NHL skaters, but he's not as far away as I thought yesterday. Egener - I'll give him credit, much more aggressive all over the ice (without hurting the team I might add) than yesterday. Took a good penalty in close that gave Fuller his PS. Also did a nice job holding the puck in from the point. Quick - Tried not to watch him much and I don't think he made any great offensive plays as yesterday, but damn is that kid smart. Hockey sense is a plus. Kudos to the scout that turned him in. Forwards: My focus Hrdel, Jones, Keller, Lascek, who I didn't focus on much yesterday, plus seeing more of the rest. Keller - I like a lot. Works particularily well behind the net. I'm not going to rehash the scouting report. To me, he rates high in intangibles . I think he's a winning player. Jones - Another nice talent. Good end-to-end skater. gets involved in the whole game. Lascek - I know he's labeled as a set-up guy. He doesn't shoot well enough to get on the top two lines for a championship calibre NHL team. Took one left to right across the crease had almost 2 full feet of empty net - missed wide left. In another sequence wide open wrister in the slot - nothing on it, got it back high slot near the blue line, teed it up, looked clean, sounded clean, nothing on it. Even the one Jones rebounded on was mediocre. Don't see him making it for a playoff team. Hrdel - He's a pretty player. He fancies himself a sniper. He has some skills. He has the build to be a power guy, not the mindset. Not a Lightning type of player. I hope he does well enough to be a component in a trade. Kvapil - Didn't impress. He lugged the pucked end-to-end without success a couple of times. The 2nd time I realized he may not see the ice well enough when he's carrying it to dish it off. Smlenak - Hardly noticeable today. Lawrence - Displays a good reach like Andy. Worked hard at times. Boisclair - Downgraded from yesterday in my mind. Same game as Selivanov minus the scorers touch. He spends all his time cherry picking. Could have easily had a hat today - buried nothing. Desharnais - Upgraded from yesterday in my mind. Gritty in front of the net. Right type of personality to have in the organization. Bubnick - definitely quick Croxton - not enough for the NHL Gibbons - plays big, moves well Imbbeault - good passer Fuller - Woolger - Wheat - Gritty hard-working trio, would be an interesting line in Johnstown Probably won't be back until Friday or Saturday