Day 4 Prospect Camp Random Musings

* The contenders and Pretenders are starting to seperate. I previously haven't been able to see much difference between the upper end Lightning prospects and the free agent invites. The exception was in goal and size on defense. * Bartanus & Greco are still MIA. I feel like I've seen enough, but I'll probably go back tomorrow on the odd chance one of them plays. * Lascek - He must not like me given yesterday's performnace. I still shot wise saw only a weak wrister. He did some nice things though. He gets to the front of the net. Made a nice tip on shot from the point, goalie was there though. He performs well in traffic overall, though. Hrdel - He looks and moves like Marian Kacir and until tonight he performed like Marian Kacir. Good overall game tonight. Showed some good potential. If Torts is still here when he arrives, they may have to install his own personal doggy door. Or give him Cibak's old one. Jones - I was worried our top end wingers might not be so top end. He might be a stud. Smolenak - He's younger than he looks and hasn't played professionally yet. I hope he finds that missing link in his chain. Something intangible doesn't quite seem to be there. Or maybe it's Phil's explanation for when he traded Semenov that first year. "He's to highly skilled to play with these guys." Keller - He gives some physical images of Brad Richards at times. He's not strong enough yet. Kvapil - Solid player. Carries the puck well in high traffic areas. Lawrence - Second youngest player on the ice to Quick (Bartanus is a few days younger but hasn't taken the ice.) Playing like it so far. He's big, but he seems to be letting others take the lead. He needs to assert himself more and he'll be alright. Atherton - If he doesn't merit a contract next year it won't be for lack of effort. Smaby - Solid play tonight. Didn't go wild hitting like Rogers and Egener. Mihalik - Better than I'd thought he'd be at this point. And, if you consider that his knock-kneed hunched over posture makes him resemble Cory Cross, he moves like a Cheetah! Rogers - I'm thinking he'll be slightly better than Pratt at his Stanley Cup run peak. Egener - He's still a prospect. Better overall game showing than the reports from last seasons odyssey indicate. Trying to hit everything that moves to get peoples attention maybe. Rosehill - Eric Charron class I think. Bit quicker though. D'Aversa - When I wrap this week up, I suspect I'll tout Wheat, Woolger, and Desharnais among the unsigned talents to further evaluate along with this guy. Deck is the only D'man to not make some positive impression on me. Barthell and Grover have both been impressive and be on Johnstown's radar, but D'Aversa has made big plays. At 6 -1 200 he absolutely to could hold and benefit from 15 lb s. of muscle up top. He's a little weak at this point. Tuesday he did a superb job breaking up an odd man rush. Wednesday, someone was in the crease getting ready to slide it in the open net and he seemingly came from nowhere to pudh the puck out of harms way. Tonight he moved the puck well and played a good overall game.I like his knack for making plays to keep the puck out of the net. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. If the weather holds in the morning and I get my chores done, I'll probably make it back.