Helenius recovering

I talked yesterday with doctor (M.D) of Team Ilves about Riku Helenius. He said, that Riku´s healing is in schedule. Riku has no-contact "order", but he is practicing at ice. I understand, what doctor said, that Riku is skating, but nothing more. They will evaluate Riku´s permission to play in late February. So Riku might get in action early March. Sadly I know, that Riku will play in Ilves Jr. team rest of the season, because men´s team has already two goalies. We will hope, that Tuukka Rask is heading to Boston next summer and Riku might get a chance to be No. 1 goalie in Team Ilves in next season. Unless Riku is heading for Tampa. Will never know..

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Hopefully his future will be better..

He won't be headed to Tampa just yet, and things look pretty crowded in the minors. Maybe NA juniors would be next for him if there's no spot on the men's team next season? Or could he move to another Finnish team?

Thanks for the update!

This is good news, but I'm

This is good news, but I'm more worried about what Koshechkin is going to do this year. I've read the reports that say he's not all that interested in coming over to NA to play. With one of our young goalies probably coming up to play backup next season, it'd be nice to have another stud get some AHL/ECHL time before Helenius is ready for the spot.

I am pretty sure, that Riku

I am pretty sure, that Riku is not going to go another Finnish team. If and when Rask is leaving to Boston, Ilves will give Riku a chance to take no.1 goalie spot. Ilves lays on it´s own goalkeeper production, and how Ilves treated Rask, I am almost sure that Riku will play as number 1 next season and Ilves will get maybe another older goalie for backup.

For example, Ilves started this season with Tuukka Rask, 19, and Riku Helenius, 18. So keeping two young goalkeeper in roster, it is not a problem for Ilves. And there´s coming more goalkeepers who have played in U-16 nationalteam and U-17 also. So we have good positions, what come to goalies.

Ilves have to get backupgoalie in November, because it was known that there is a possibility that Ilves has no goalkeeper during WJC. There was possibility that both Rask and Helenius could be selected to team. Well, Helenius injured and rest is history.

So, I will update information, when I know what happens next season. Who will be in Ilves goal, Helenius or somebody else?

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