Kevin Quick

I feel he deserves his own entry: Name: Kevin Quick Position: Defenseman Shoots: Left Height: 6'0" Weight: 175 lbs Born: 3/29/88 Rankings: #93 North American Skater (CSS), #63 Overall (Red Line) Salisbury (USHS) 28 GP, 3-20-23, 6 PIM, +45 Quick is a US high school player out of Salisbury Prep in New England who fills the Lightning's role need for an offensive defenseman. Quick is an excellent skater and talented puckhandler who helped lead his team to the New England Prep School championship. He has a hard one time shot on the power play and is as smart in the defensive zone as he is in the offensive third of the ice as he was +45 after 20 games this season. He doesn't have ideal size but he isn't afraid to mix it up physically. Red Line compares him to Buffalo's Brian Campbell and sees him as a player who was "definitely flying under the radar" going into this draft. As of our latest information he has yet to commit to a college. Positives: Outstanding skater with excellent balance and agility. Confident puckhandler and loves to jump into the play. Smart at both ends of the ice. Not afraid to get involved physically. Negatives: Undersized. Has only played prep level competition to this point and it remains to be seen how he will handle the next level of hockey. Pete posted that content on draft day. I was a bit pessimistic that the Lightning was pushing a little hard to create another Boyle and maybe it's a reach. I'm still pessimistic but interested to see him on my drive over there on Tuesday. He was the first one to make look for his name and number on Tuesday. On Wednesday I spent little time on him, but was intrigued by how much he used his body along the boards, particularly in the nuetral zone. One of my notes this afternoon before I left to go over was to really watch him defensively and observe again how he uses his frame. I saw a lot more than just that. In three scrimmages, I have seen everything in this scouting report. Don't pencil him in yet. He's 4 and-a-half to 5 seasons from graduating from prospect status. The upper body definitely needs to get stronger and he needs to adjust to a much faster game. On the drive over tonight I was thinking about how close he actually might be to a Boyle clone. I thought, I hadn't seen him do that little spin move to get out of being pinned down low. He did tonight. At this point he doesn't attack as the 4th man down low like Dan does, but I doubt he's ever played in that type of system. Defensively is where he seperates from Boyle. With added strength, I think he'll be much better. He understands his body well and currently uses what he has to get great leverage on opponents. He actually inititiates contac more often than the average small defender. Although he may have to learn to tone that down a little in the show to keep from getting battered. And when he had Wheat lined up he went for it and buried him. Offensively he shows a good overall game. I'm not sure he'll out goal Dan but he'll get moderate goals and lots of assists. The scouting report speaks of the offensive and defensive thirds of the ice. I think he has done good things in the neutral third also, especially along the boards. He seperates guys from the puck well along the boards. He gets good passes off from there if it means holding it long enough to have to absorb a hit. He also has that little shoulder turn that thus far has kept everyone who has had him lined up from getting a clean lick in. I don't know what the rules are for high school kids or how much school he can afford to miss, but if he only has 1 week to miss, I'd prefer the skip TC and bring him to Brandon for a week. Also, Jay and Torts need to use whatever pull they may have with USA Hockey to get this kid involved in national team tryouts. If Kevin can navigate the next 4 years without any major mishaps, we'll all be a happy bunch.

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Keep His Age in Mind

Bear in mind he's only 18 years old. Most of the players at this camp are 20 and over and there are a few of the college guys who are 24-25 years old. The mere fact that he can compete at this level and hang with players who are in some cases a half decade older than him bodes very, very well. I remember 4 years ago when I was at camp in Brandon and saw Paul Ranger the first time. He didn't do anything that made you say "Wow, he's the best player here." That distinction would've gone to guys like Alexeev and Dicaire. But what I went away from that camp thinking was "Wow, there's not anything glaring here that he can't do physically, and he's only 17." And he was going up against a lot of bigger, stronger, more physically mature players at that camp. There were a lot of big strong redwoods there like Lobb and Svitov and Alexeev who were all 20 or over and he could already compete against them, and I remember telling people (who I'm sure thought I was nuts) that Ranger was going to play in the NHL some day. I think a lot of the same lessons apply to when you're watching Quick right now. He's the youngest guy at this camp by far and it sounds like there is nothing he can't do physically right now. I'm very concerned about his development in that he's staying in prep school and I think that may hurt him, but all things being even I could easily see him having the same kind of development curve Ranger did once he finally gets to college and starts playing against better competition. Ranger took 2 years in Oshawa in the OHL and 1 year with Springfield in the AHL to develop. I'm looking at this season for Quick as a wash, and then I think he'll probably play 2-3 years in college before the Lightning sign him (no way he stays in all 4 years as talented as he is). So I'm looking at 2010-2011 as the earliest delivery date for him whether that's jumping straight to the NHL after 3 years of college or 2 years of college and then 1 in the AHL.


I met Quick's parents this week, a very committed hockey family. Kevin's younger brother (15) left for USA Hockey Development Camp on Saturday in Minnesota. Kevin's Dad said the Kevin will not play in Traverse City because he would lose his college eligibility. The family indicated the plan for Kevin is to finish high school and go to college. The Lightning will have to work on his Dad & Mom big time to change that plan. But they were both very impressed with Feaster, Jake and the coaching staff and really liked Tampa so that might help. Dad grew up playing hockey and coaches now. He is a big Buffalo fan who thinks Rammer is a genius who could be a head coach anywhere in the NHL.


One thing people don't understand is that when players 18 and under go to play in the USHL they actually do get enrolled in a high school. I have a coworker who grew up in Nebraska and he told me how Lincoln has one high school where they placed all the Lincoln Stars players. The young men still go to school whenever they're on home stands and still do their academics to meet college enrollment requirements. I could understand if Quick was angling to go to an ECACHL school like Harvard or Yale why he'd want to stay in prep school for academic reasons, but if it's schools like Minnesota or North Dakota or BU, there's no real reason for him not to go the USHL route.


Thanks for the info, I guess I wasn't really thinking it through. I also think it's a case of being fairly close to home, Kevin even though at prep school is still close by. Green Bay would be much farther away.

Yes, but that's just

Yes, but that's just delaying the inevitable by a year. Even if he stays closer to home in the Hockey East the closest he'll be is Boston which is roughly 2 1/2 to 3 hours away from home. He's going to have to learn to be on his own sooner or later. And were it my kid, I'd rather that occur in cold little Green Bay, Wisconsin and the rest of corn country in the Midwest where there'll be nothing to do but play hockey and study than the mean streets of Boston where there's trouble to be found in every neighborhood.

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