Kubina and Grahame are Gone

According to TSN.ca Pavel Kubina has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs for 4 years at $5M per season. Best of luck to Toronto with that. I think Pavel is really only worth about half that. Apparently the Hurricanes have signed John Grahame to a two year deal for about 1.5M per. Boston has loaded up by signing Chara and Marc Savard. Phoenix has signed Ed Jovanovski.

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Good luck Kuby, you will fit right in with the Leafs. Kuby was definetly overpaid, maybe 2.5 million but not 5. Well that takes up a bunch of cap space in Toronto and helps us out in the long run- they may not have enough money to sign others. how much did Chara sign for and why Boston? The canes better hope ward stays healthy.


I'll miss Pavel. I can't say a bad thing about the guy for the things he did when he was here especially in the 04 playoffs. He deserves a big payday even though he is overpaid by the Leafs. Good for him and best of luck to him in the center of the universe. ;) Chara signed for 7.5 a year. Making more than S. Niedermayer and Pronger, he is not better than those two. The real terrible signing of the day is Jovo. 6.5 million for a bonehead in the defensive zone. Although it is hillarious that Turd fans had him carved in stone in to the lineup. Grahame will do ok in Carolina. He's a good backup for those who forget 02-03 and 03-04. He just isn't a starter. He can play 20-25 games and give Ward a night off when he needs it.

Savard will surprise

Many people are saying that Savard will be nothing without Kovalchuk, but he will still have solid finishers in Glen Murray and Marco Sturm to whom he can feed the puck. Though his numbers may take a slight hit, I am confident that he will hit the 80 point mark again. As for Grahame, he'll probably rent out a nice bachelor's pad in Durham. Seriously, though, I think he'll do fine as backup. Like Hockeyfan said, give him 20-25 games with Carolina's defense clearing out his rebounds, and he'll make Laviolette proud. If he spends too much time hosting keggers, well, that's another story.


The Canes are setting themselves up for disaster if Ward has any kind of hiccup in his development as a starter. Grahame would not be the fallback position of choice for my team, nor my idea of a great veteran mentor for Ward.

odd signings

There were several signings on Day 1 that seemed a bit steep. While I think everyone in Tampa loved watching Kubina develop into the great player he is now, I'm not sure how well he stacks up in the "new NHL". He does a lot of good things defensively (like taking the body and blocking shots) and offensively, but he skates like he's got a refridgerator on his back, and that can hurt a bit now (-12 rating). It's a good thing for Toronto that they got McCabe back because in Kubina and mammoth Hal Gill the Leafs added two huge, slow defensemen that could cause problems if Raycroft doesn't find his Calder-winning form. Grahame will be effective in a limited role as long as Ward stays healthy and continues his improvement, but it's only a matter of time before JG is out of the league. His late night habits proved that he's not totally committed to hockey, just to the lifestyle. So long.

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