Lynx Sign Femenella

The Augusta Lynx have announced the signing of former Lightning defensive prospect Art Femenella to an ECHL contract. The 6'7" and 255 lbs defenseman was originally drafted by Tampa in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft while playing for Sioux City in the USHL, but was never signed to a contract by the organization. The mammoth blueliner completed four years with the Vermont Catamounts in 2007, and attended the 2007 Lynx training camp before missing all of the 2007-2008 season with an injury.

"Art is a legitimate heavyweight who doesn't back down from anything," Lynx Director of Hockey Operations and head coach John Marks said. "You obviously can't coach size, but he also has all the tools to be a very good hockey player. Art's physical presence should help him be the kind of player fans grow to love and appreciate."

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A.) Yes he's that big. B.)

A.) Yes he's that big.

B.) It's all muscle.

C.) When he wants to fight, he doesn't lose.

Interesting. Glad to see

Interesting. Glad to see Femenella get his pro career going. I would like to know if this signing was made because of input from the Lightning, but seeing as how there are no contacts left with the organization that knew Femenella, I don't see that being the case.

Now, if Art can just keep himself healthy he should easily establish himself as one of the top 2 or 3 guys in the ECHL. Hopefully, in a year or two he will get picked up by Norfolk.

He can't skate worth beans,

He can't skate worth beans, so they'll need to move him to wing, IMO. He's got a wicked snap shot and he's actually one of the smarter kids off the ice I've ever met as far as our draft picks go. He's so smart, in fact, that he doesn't necessarily relish droppiong the gloves all the time. But, when he does, he's so big and so strong he won't lose. Mihalik's taller, and Artyukhin weighs about as much as Art does, but Art is ALL muscle, or at least he was when he was younger.

I wouldn't fight him, that's for damned sure.

He was already moved to wing

He was already moved to wing in college wasn't he?

From the sound of the announcement he is expected to be the Lynx enforcer (and typically teams play their enforcers at a forward position) so I hope he doesn't have too much of a problem dropping the gloves. Parros is extremely smart off the ice as well, but he knew what it would take to advance his pro-hockey career.

I am sure Femenella won't have a problem doing the job. I just hope he can shake the rust off pretty quickly. Can't say for certain, but it has probably been a few years since he has fought on the ice.

Not totally

He occasionally played a few games at wing for Vermont but for the most part was on D. Was a healthy scratch against some of the faster teams, most likely based on his skating. By far the biggest thing for him right now is to stay healthy.

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