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McKeen's Mock and Small Player Slippage

[url=]McKeen's hockey has released their mock draft[/url] and has Swedish winger [url=] Nicklas Bergfors[/url] falling to the Lightning's pick at #30. A tip of the hat to Johan Nilsson of [url=][/url]. Bergfors, the brother of Lightning prospect Henrik Bergfors, is slated to come to North America as an import to play in the QMJHL next season. While I don't necessarily see Bergfors, the top Swedish born prospect in this draft, falling all the way to 30 this mock is far more realistic with regard to the Lightning's pick than [url=]FoxSport's[/url], [url=]Hockeysfuture's[/url] and even [url=]TSN's [/url]which have the Lightning selecting D Risto Korhonen, G Alexandre Vincent and G Ondrej Pavelec respectively. And it makes a fair point: small prospects tend to fall. Some of the most high profile slips of the past few drafts have involved diminuitive Jiri Hudler and Zach Parise who fell well below where they were originally projected to go. [url=]It's one thing for a team to say they will take a small player like 5'9" 173 lb. Andrew Cogliano around 18th in the draft[/url] it's quite a different thing for them to actually pull the trigger. I included Cogliano in my list of [url=]players to watch in my draft preview[/url] and seriously thought about listing Bergfors as well for just that reason. Expect one or two small players to drop in this draft. The question is, will a Lightning organization which has traditionally been so preoccupied with drafting bigger players seriously consider players like Bergfors or Cogliano or even reach for a prospect like TJ Hensick?