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NHL Game Night: 10/22/10 Lightning at Thrashers

Seven straight wins over Atlanta.


Mike Smith allowed 2 goals on 30 shots for the win. That might have been the best Smitty has played since his concussion problems knocked him off track. That was encouraging. He moved well and he played an efficient style.

First Period
03:10 TB Clark (2), St Louis (5), Stamkos (6)(PP)
16:05 TB Lecavalier (2), Bergenheim (2) 17:50
TB Stamkos (6), Lecavalier (2), St Louis (6)(PP)

Second Period
08:07 ATL Slater (1), Ladd (5), Byfuglien (4)
17:22 TB Stamkos (7), (unassisted)

Third Period
13:36 ATL Byfuglien (2), (unassisted)(PP)
19:28 TB Stamkos (8), V. Hedman (5)(EN)

Steven Stamkos and Vincent Lecavalier were the game's first and second stars.

I thought the Lightning's effort level was outstanding, but I wouldn't say they were super-crisp. There's still another gear the Lightning haven't quite found yet in the early season, which should be a bit terrifying for the rest of the league. Their breakout and passing still needs a little work. There's too many soft passes, and still a lot of feeling out of new teammates. Once that part starts to click, the Lightning are going to be a mother to play against.

Dana Tyrell had 2 penalty minutes and 2 shots in 11:09. He looks like he's getting a little more comfortable each game, and he even got a couple of PK shifts tonight. I also like that he's getting shots on goal. That first NHL goal will follow pretty soon.

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