NHL Game Night: 12/21/11 Lightning at Sharks


It was late. The Lightning mailed it in (at least the first period). I don't feel bad about mailing it in late, either. I don't understand how this team, knowing Martin St. Louis was about to pull a Willis Reed, could be so ill prepared to compete at the opening face off. They lost every 50/50 battle along the wall. They allowed themselves to routinely be outmanned in those 50/50 situations. It was just a lack of hustle and want-to. It's as if they expected Marty's return, in of itself, to win the game. No. #26 is not the Messiah. You still have to be prepared to compete and fight against a really good and talented team like San Jose. Now the game in Colorado is essentially a must-win going into the holiday break. Looking forward to the greatness of JT Wyman being unleashed on the Avalanche, possibly.

Box score from NHL.com.