Roster(s) Taking Shape Pt. 2

With a number of recent signings by the Springfield Falcons and Johnstown Chiefs, I figured now would be an excellent time to take another stab at the team rosters at all three levels of the organization. [b]Updated: 9/27 to include signing of John Adams[/b] [b]Tampa Bay Lightning[/b] Afanasenkov/Richards/St. Louis Prospal/Lecavalier/Fedotenko Craig/Karlsson/DiMaio Alexeev/Taylor/[url=nick-tarnasky]Tarnasky[/url] Kuba/Boyle Ranger/Richardson Pratt/Sarich Delmore Denis Holmqvist [i]Updates: With the departure of [url=evgeny-artyukhin]Evgeny Artyukhin[/url] back to Russia, I am now projecting that both Nikita Alexeev and Nick Tarnasky will make the opening night roster. Granted, right wing isn't Tarnasky's natural position, but neither is defenseman and he played some of that position last season for Springfield when called upon. Bottom line, he's a gamer and I'm not concerned about his ability to stick in Tampa. Alexeev, on the other hand, has a lot to prove and only [url=darren-reid]Darren Reid's[/url] skating is keeping him from taking Nikita's spot. I personally believe the [url=paul-ranger]Ranger[/url]/Boyle pairing will have to be split up this season in order to spread some mobility on all three pairings. A Kuba/Boyle pairing should be able to eat minutes considering Kuba led the Minnesota Wild the last three seasons in ice time and Luke Richardson's leadership as a pairing partner for Ranger might insure there is no sophomore slump from Paul while Ranger's skating can cover for Richardson's lack of speed. The Pratt/Sarich pairing remains unchanged from last season in this configuration. Andy Delmore starts the year in Tampa as a power play specialist. He, like Alexeev, will be on a short leash.[/i] [b]Springfield Falcons[/b] Healey/Perrin/[url=norm-milley]Milley[/url] Blatny(SPR)/[url=blair-jones]Jones[/url]/[url=marek-kvapil]Kvapil[/url] Spina(SPR)/Cavanaugh(SPR)/[url=darren-reid]Reid[/url] [url=mitch-fritz]Fritz[/url]/[url=stanislav-lascek]Lascek[/url] Janik/Dufresne(SPR) [url=andy-rogers]Rogers[/url]/[url=doug-obrien]O'Brien[/url] [url=mike-egener]Egener[/url]/[url=matt-smaby]Smaby[/url] [url=karri-ramo]Ramo[/url] [url=gerald-coleman]Coleman[/url] or [url=jonathan-boutin]Boutin[/url] [i]Updates: Since the last time I speculated on the Falcons roster, Springfield has signed Zdenek Blatny and David Spina up front and added Sylvain Dufresne on the blueline. One of the biggest questions going into the 2006-2007 season for the Falcons, in my view, is who will step up and claim the second line center job. Of the Lightning's top forward prospects, Blair Jones might have performed the best at Lightning prospect camp and there may be some hope he can step into the role at age 20. If he can't, the team may have to move veteran Eric Healey over to center or try to move Dan Cavanaugh up from the third line. On the third line, with Tarnasky and Alexeev moving up to Tampa, there will be an open spot on the wing likely to be claimed by Falcons contract player David Spina. The battle for the team's 11th forward spot should also be an intense fight between Stanislav Lascek, [url=justin-keller]Justin Keller[/url] and [url=zbynek-hrdel]Zbynek Hrdel.[/url] Lascek, coming off a 100+ point season in the QMJHL, should be the frontrunner as a power play specialist but if he flops at Traverse City the way he did last year he could easily find himself in Johnstown. If neither Lascek nor Keller step up, Hrdel has the experience to take the job. Doug Janik and Sylvain Dufresne formed a solid pairing in Rochester last season and should remain together this year leaving Andy Rogers to play with Doug O'Brien and Mike Egener in a pair with super rookie Matt Smaby. Between the pipes, the team has all but inked Karri Ramo into the lineup and the real fight is between Gerald Coleman and Jonathan Boutin for the second goaltending spot.[/i] [b]Johnstown Chiefs[/b] Here are the players who would be assigned to Johnstown if the Lightning and Falcons rosters go as projected: [i]Forwards:[/i] LW [url=justin-keller]Justin Keller[/url], LW [url=radek-smolenak]Radek Smolenak[/url], LW/RW [url=zbynek-hrdel]Zbynek Hrdel[/url], LW/C [url=Adam-Henrich]Adam Henrich[/url], RW/C [url=andre-deveaux]Andre Deveaux[/url], RW Maxime Boisclair (SPR), RW Ryan Gibbons (SPR), LW Brandon Elliot, C John Toffey [i]Defensemen:[/i] D Brady Greco, D [url=jay-rosehill]Jay Rosehill[/url], D [url=pj-atheron] PJ Atherton[/url] (SPR), D John Adams (SPR), D Doug Andress (JHN) [i]Goaltenders:[/i] G [url=gerald-coleman]Gerald Coleman[/url] or [url=jonathan-boutin]Jonathan Boutin[/url], G [url=morgan-cey]Morgan Cey[/url] [i]Updates: Johnstown's signing of D Doug Andress shores up what looks to be the Chiefs' top four blueliners going into the season. As it stands now the Chiefs will receive 14-15 players who are on either Lightning or Falcons contracts today. Up front, there is a distinct lack of natural centers, which should bode well for David Desharnais, Mike Ouellette and Brian Woolger going into their respective tryouts. Desharnais played with Lascek and Boisclair in Chicoutimi and might have an inside track while Woolger was one of the best forwards at the Lightning's prospects camp. The Chiefs qualified several of their veteran players but have yet to sign any player other than Andress, which is a sign newly appointed Johnstown czar Ryan Belec may be looking to fill spots with tryout prospects from the Traverse City and Springfield Falcons camps instead. Along with Desharnais, Oullette and Woolger, other players of note include defensemen Clayton Barthel and Geoff Waugh as well as forwards Travis Fuller, Torrie Wheat and Todd Griffith.[/i]