Sean Burke

I keep reading complaints about Sean Burke, and I'm confused. Why do people have such a problem with him? I read trade proposals and people are practically begging other teams to take him from us. I just dont get it. His overall record isnt the best. I'll admit that. This year was the first year since 2002-03 that he was over .500. It isn't like he just stood there and let the shots through. Yes, his glory days are over, but he was a good backup. Most nights he gave the team a chance to win (I say most, because no goalie can go an entire season without at least one bad night). Even if he and John Grahame weren't the best team, he'd step in and try to give the team a chance to win. Then again, there were the few games in which he just wasnt handling the puck well. But can you really blame him? He would sit on the bench for weeks on end. The team gave John Grahame every oppertunity to be the Number One Guy, while neglecting their backup. People say he's like a cancer in the locker room. I don't get it. People say he said somethings after the season was over, that he shouldn't have. He said was that he felt he could have been more effective if he had played more. That doesnt sound too terrible. That's just his feelings. Even if he isn't an American, he is granted First Amendment rights. He also said that all the negative attention paid to the goaltending was adding negative energy to the locker room. I dont think he played terribly (14-10-4), nor do I think that he said anything out of his place. Since when do we hate people for speaking their minds? Since when do we hate a player because they felt they could have done more? His season wasn't fantastic, but who on the Bolts had a fantastic season?