Training Camp Numbers: Podcast Episode 2

The podcast is back for a second episode, this time with a name.

Longtime listeners to the old Bolt Prospects Podcast will know my disdain for training camp numbers on NHL players. Steven Stamkos recently had some choice words for them on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast when talking about Nikita Kucherov wearing No. 56 for his first NHL game. Kucherov has come a long way since wearing Hardy Nickerson's 56.

Training Camp Numbers will look at Lightning prospects (who get the numbers), Lightning talking points, and the NHL news of the week. And yes, our logo has victory stripes.

This week:

    What trade deadline?
    Week in review
    Prospect update
    Offseason look-ahead
    Next year's blueline
    Will JBB's drafts be different?
    Your questions

Thanks to Andrew Weiss for leading and hosting the show. Enjoy the Lightning talk on iTunes, Spotify, and seven other platforms.

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Episode 1.