Training Camp Numbers: Podcast Episode 6

The podcast is back after a 2-week spring break for a sixth episode and full of Lightning player and prospect talk ... as well as some mini-soapboxes.

For first-timers, Training Camp Numbers looks at Lightning prospects (who get and are often stuck with the obscure training camp numbers), Lightning talking points, and the NHL news of the week.

This week: Nacho Average Hockey Podcast

    Other arenas
    Available college prospects
    Week in review
    Prospect update (Fortier finished)
    Kucherov's "slump"
    Steven F. Stamkos
    Cernak a steal
    It's A Numbers Game
    TCN Draft: Lightning wingmen

Thanks to Andrew Weiss for leading and hosting the show. Enjoy the Lightning talk on iTunes, Spotify, and a bunch of other platforms.

Click here to listen.


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