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Some people are blind. And I think, judging from his comments last night and today, that Boudreau might be right there with them. To say that Backstrom "did everything right except score goals" tells me he doesn't get it.

TB learned a lot from Pitt. That was a team that "knew" how to play playoff hockey. They just didn't have any weapons. WSH had weapons, but no clue how to play playoff hockey. It seems Bruce doesn't know what to look for.

To have Bylsma's "solution" for the 1-3-1 and arrogantly ignore it... that's just silly. Pitt had WAY more zone time than WSH did in the series.

Also, it seemed WSH ran one system when 8 wasn't on the ice and another when he was on the ice. When he was, he'd leave the zone early and they'd try to spring him for a breakaway or they'd let him carry the puck and wait to see what he decided to do with it. It was pond hockey at its best.
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