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If Feaster's the GM at the draft, Kyle Beach may not have a chance to be a Bolt.

From Nick Patterson (Everett Herald)

What to do about Kyle Beach? The guy has all the talent in the world, and then he has moments of madness like this. It's not often I'm willing to put the responsibility for a loss on one player, but there's no other possible conclusion tonight. Beach took a major penalty for checking from behind -- his third bad penalty of the game -- midway through the third period of a 1-1 game in which Everett was playing well and had to win. Seattle scored twice during the ensuing five-minute power play to win the game. All three of Seattle's goals came following Beach penalties.

Beach was at his absolute worst tonight. From the moment Thomas Hickey caught him in the first period (see below) he was seeing red the rest of the way, more concerned with exacting revenge than playing the game. Frankly, I'm surprised he lasted in the game as long as he did. During a scrum after the whistle next to the Seattle goal later in the first he caught Seattle goaltender Riku Helenius up high with his stick, and I thought he was going to go there. Expect Beach to end up with a suspension, one that perhaps lasts into the playoffs.
Beach was also playing with a full face shield because of a broken orbital bone.

From Everett's coach (via Gregg Drinnan's blog):

“One person cost us the game tonight," Becanic told Nick Patterson of the Everett Herald. "He cost us a goal in the first period. He cost us our captain (Jonathan Harty) being out for 17 minutes having to defend him. He cost us the two power-play goal in the third." . . .
The comment at the end of the blog from a Tips fan says although he's not a "Beach Basher" he thinks the team may be better off without him on the bench.
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