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On 1040:

-Team isn't too far away from the playoffs but that can be said for every team. Talked again about long term patience to build a winning franchise.

-Same response about the coach: ideally to hire one before free agency.

-Leaving Detroit: Benefited from the organization as a player and in the front office, but he needed to leave to become a GM. Excited about the opportunity and everyone in Detroit has been supportive.

-Biggest weakness: Goalie. Important to have two experienced goalies like Chad posted, only Smith signed although you could count Ramo. Also they need to improve the secondary scoring to surround Vinny, Stammer, Marty, Downie.

-On Vinny: His intention is to sit down with Lecavalier at some point like the rest of the players. He's still young and has had injuries that have caused him to struggle. Need to surround him with the right players and coach so he and the rest of the team can succeed. He's an important part of the franchise and they need him to be successful.

-Why he didn't pick any of the Bolts for Olympics: It wasn't easy, they're very good players but only 23 spots. Tough to walk in to some rinks after that process.

-Hedman getting tougher: He's still a kid. It's a big adjustment to come over to NA. He's got to get stronger, but the ability is there. They need to give him time and get a good training staff so he can mature physically and reach his potential.

-Any Espo involvement: There's a role for him after all that he's accomplished. Looks forward to spending time with Phil to pick his brain.
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