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  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    No.11 Vermont Catamounts 3 @ St. Lawrence Saints 4
    C/W Matt Marshall , UVM: Did not play.
    Season totals: 10 GP, 1-1-2, +1, 4 PIM

    Marshall's turn to sit.

  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    There's not a worse team in the NHL on the forecheck than the Tampa Bay Lightning.


    Mike Smith allowed 1 goal on 32 shots and still had to eat the loss.

    First Period

    Second Period
    05:04 OTT Picard (3), (Bell, Zubov)(PP)

    Third Period
    19:15 OTT Alfredsson (8), (Kuba, Fisher)(EN)

    Jussi Jokinen hasn't won a battle along the wall in a month.

    Zenon Konopka had 1 hit and a real nice fight with Chris Neil in 3:22.

    Paul Szczechura was -1 with 2 penalty minutes, 3 shots, and he was 27% on draws. And, again, he was awesome. Good positionally. Great in terms of his effort and battle level. Szczechura is the exact same size as Jokinen and smaller than 75% of the forwards on this team and yet, consistently, he's been better along the wall and braver in the high traffic areas than most every other player on the Lightning team since his recall. That's high praise for Szczechura, and a condemnation of the rest of the Lightning team.

    Steven Stamkos had 1 shot and 3 hits in 11:43. Tocchet has been, rightfully, ramping down Stamkos' ice time. His decision making was better in this game, but he's still tip toeing around too much.

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  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    Even with Lundin, the Admirals defense remains a sieve.


    Mike McKenna allowed 6 goals on 27 shots for the loss.

    First Period
    BRI Lee, (1) (Iggulden, Hillen), 0:30
    BRI Hennigar, (3) (Hillen, Iggulden), 8:16
    NOR Ward, (1) (Downie, Lundin), 10:31
    BRI Tambellini, (1) (Walter), 14:21
    NOR Lawrence, (1) (Downie, Rosehill), 18:30

    Second Period
    BRI Smith, (12) (Colliton, Iggulden), 14:07
    NOR Keller, (2) (Downie), 16:34
    NOR Keller, (3) (Downie, Mihalik), 17:13

    Third Period
    BRI Smith, (13) (Colliton, Skinner), 16:47
    BRI Smith, (14) (Iggulden, Hillen), 19:59

    Steve Downie and Justin Keller were the game's second and third stars.

    Downie is reacting just like you would hope a guy who has just been sent down would: like a guy who has gotten a taste of the show and wants to get back. Mike Lundin had an assist in his Norfolk debut. Chris Gratton is in Norfolk, but did not suit up for the Ads.

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  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    American International Yellow Jackets 0 @ UMass Minutemen 4
    D John Wessbecker , UMass: 0-0-0, +1, 0 PIM, 1 SOG
    Season totals: 12 GP, 0-2-2, +12, 10 PIM

    UMass received 23 votes in the latest USCHO poll, good for No.27.

  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    Canada WJC Selection Camp Red-White Game
    White 6 vs. Red 3
    W/C Dana Tyrell, Red: 0-0-0
    G Dustin Tokarski, White: 18 saves on 20 shots

    Tokarski performed well after replacing division rival Chet Pickard at the halfway point of the game. He would allow John Tavares' second and third goals of the game.

    Tyrell lined up on a checking unit with big Rimouski center Patrice Cormier (New Jersey) and Atlanta prospect Angelo Esposito. Known as a scorer for the Montreal Juniors, TSN reported Esposito was being tried in a two-way role next to shut-down expert Cormier and the defensive savvy Tyrell.

    CHL: Scoresheet sightings for Courtnall, Barberio, DeCoste, and Witkowski ...

  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    Riku Helenius made 49 saves in his debut with the Mississippi backstopping the Sea Wolves to a 4-2 victory over the Gwinnett Gladiators and earning Second Star honors. Helenius joined the team on Wednesday after being assigned by Tampa after former Bolt goaltending prospect Ryan Munce was recalled to Syracuse.

    Mississippi 4 @ Gwinnett 2
    G Riku Helenius: 2 GA; 60:00 MIN; 51 SH; 49 SV; *SECOND STAR*

  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    It won't be long until guys like Segal and Jones get their shots in Tampa too.


    Mike McKenna allowed 2 goals on 33 shots in the win.

    First Period
    NOR Segal, (11) (Downie, Rosehill), 5:04
    NOR Potulny, (4) (Kearns, Segal), 18:27
    BRI Bentivoglio, (4) (Colliton, Callahan), 18:51

    Second Period

    Third Period
    BRI McLean, (7) (Iggulden), 0:30
    NOR Jones, (6) (Segal, Downie), 6:29 (PP)

    Brandon Segal helped make sure Bridgeport was On Deadly Ground at The Scope, as he was named the game's first star. Blair Jones was named the game's second star with his power play game winning goal.

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  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    Those Quebecois boys sure do enjoy that home cooking.


    Olaf Kolzig allowed just 1 goal on 32 shots for the win.

    First Period
    05:34 MTL Brisebois (2), (Kovalev, Markov)(PP)
    10:49 TB St. Louis (9), (Recchi, Lecavalier)
    12:03 TB Lecavalier (12), (Meszaros, Krajicek)

    Second Period
    08:31 TB St. Louis (10), (Krajicek)(SH)

    Third Period

    Is it fixed? Not really. The Lightning were outshot 32-22 on the night. But, at least the streak is over, and it's nice to be a winner for a change.

    Steve Downie had 1 shot in 7:21.

    Zenon Konopka had a fight and 2 hits in 5:16.

    Paul Szczechura had 2 penalty minutes, 1 hit, 1 blocked shot, and was 38% on draws in 13:39.

    Radek Smolenak had 1 shot and 1 blocked shot in 9:07.

    Steven Stamkos had 1 shot and 1 hit in 13:57.

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  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    Helpers for Courtnall, Tyrell, and Wright (2) ... Ward back to even for struggling Lewiston, but how long will he be with the team?

  • 7 years 8 weeks ago

    If you keep losing games where you seem to constantly be close on the scoreboard, but your play is nowhere near to par, is that not the definition of purgatory?


    Mike Smith allowed 3 goals on 36 shots in the loss.

    First Period
    10:21 TB St. Louis (8), (Stamkos)
    16:18 TB Recchi (7), (Ranger, Szczechura)
    19:22 BUF Stafford (5), (Spacek, Pominville)(PP)

    Second Period
    11:52 BUF Vanek (21), (Kotalik)
    19:45 BUF Vanek (22), (Roy, Pominville)(PP)

    Third Period
    19:47 BUF Pominville, (Hecht)(SH)(EN)

    I almost wish this team would get blown out 8-1 one of these nights so that the handful of players who still don't understand the urgency will finally stop fooling themselves. Yes, the Lightning are losing a lot of close games, but they're running around constantly. They're losing the large majority of battles. They're not making the little plays necessary to get pucks in deep or get pucks out of their end. It's bad. It's a personnel issue, because this team has, quite probably, the softest and dumbest d-corps in the entire NHL, and it's an effort issue. At this point, other than Mike Smith, I don't have a lot of affection for any of these players, sans the handful of recent recalls. They may be close on the scoreboard, but they're nowhere near close on the ice right now.

    This is disgusting to watch, and I wonder, at what point does pride kick in for this ownership? At what point do you take your cowboy hats off and say, "Maybe we don't know everything?" And I'm not talking about the whole Barry Melrose baloney. Barry Melrose is a disgruntled ex-employee with a platform in Bristol, Connecticut to spew venom and a pack of co-workers who live by a high school code to defend the people in their cool kid clique. Bully to them. The fact is that after 13 years away from the game Barry Melrose couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper sack.

    But, you know, that doesn't excuse the fact that this ownership, full of hubris and vanity, strode into town and decided to destroy half the foundation of a fairly talented franchise by dealing off Brad Richards and Dan Boyle, and decided that they, with exactly zero experience, were perfectly qualified to make those kinds of decisions (and, ignored the counsel of people with Stanley Cup rings on their fingers in the process, no less). Those are the kind of decisions that can set a franchise back 3-4-5 years easily. They were the ones that chose to spend their money on players who were either past their prime or didn't have a track record rather than keep the ones they had that actually did. And they, it shouldn't be overlooked, were the ones who picked the guy who after 13 years couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper sack, to begin with. And, that's just a small sampling of what bothers me about what has happened in Tampa Bay over the last 365 days.

    So it's not just players who need to get kicked in the butts. It's time for everyone, starting at the top, to stop fooling themselves. The whole organization needs to stop fooling itself and start being honest about what is going on right now before it can ever hope to get where everyone wants it to go.

    Steve Downie had 1 shot and 1 hit in 6:41.

    Paul Szczechura had an assist and was +1 in 16:26. He was also 29% on draws.

    Radek Smolenak had 3 shots and 1 hit in 8:24 including a breakaway chance. He beat Ryan Miller on the deke but hopefully learned a valuable lesson about goaltenders at this level. You've got to get the puck up off the ice to finish in this league. These guys have the athleticism to get across and cover along the ice, even when they're down and out and beaten. He's close though, and you get the feeling once he gets the first goal, a couple more might follow.

    Steven Stamkos had an assist and was -1 in 18:15 tonight with 3 shots and 1 hit. He was also 75% on draws. And he stunk tonight. He was rancid. And Barry Melrose is wrong, he's not too weak to play at this level. But, he makes weak plays because he doesn't make that extra effort. He doesn't take that extra half step. He doesn't put that extra little bit of muster on his clears or on his passes. And he has lapses in discipline with the puck. The extra effort that I know he's fully capable of isn't there, and he needs someone to very politely tell him to stop fooling himself, too. There's absolutely no reason with his talent that he couldn't have almost twice the production he has now. Part of that is mismanagement from the coaching staff, but part of that in a player who isn't competing with everything he's got to offer. And, just because some of the veterans do it doesn't make it acceptable.

    Goodnight and good luck.

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