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  • 15 hours 9 min ago

    Volkov's winner sends Crunch back to the winner's circle.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 22 shots for the victory.

    First Period
    1:03 SYR Verhaeghe (17), (Foote)(PP)
    4:01 SYR Andreoff (16), (Conacher, Valleau)(PP)

    Second Period
    4:29 SYR Colton (7), (Valleau, Yan)
    6:34 BEL Chlapik (10), (Elliott, Goloubef)(PP)
    19:46 BEL Rodewald (15), (Murray, McCormick)

    Third Period
    6:07 BEL Klimchuk (7), (Rodewald, Murray)
    12:24 SYR Volkov (10), (Gaunce, Katchouk)
    19:00 SYR Yan (9), (Conacher, Dumont)(EN)

    Alexander Volkov and Nolan Valleau were the game's first and third stars.

    Syracuse built a nice three goal lead early in the Second Period only to surrender that lead entirely by early in the Third Period. It took a key goal by Volkov to help the Crunch get this one across the finish line. It was vital for a team that's been struggling a bit lately with a slightly sub-.500 record in their last ten games. Part of the issue has been the injury absence of Connor Ingram, who reportedly is close to returning, which has put an unsustainable workload on Eddie Pasquale over the past few weeks. Ingram's return could be a needed shot in the arm for Syracuse whenever it happens. The team remains three points out of the top spot in the North Division with one game in hand on Rochester and six in hand on Utica.

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  • 2 days 16 hours ago

    Crunch get the false hope goal, but fall in Utica.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 5 goals on 27 shots for the loss before being replaced for the Third Period where Martin Ouellette made 2 saves on 2 shots the rest of the way.

    First Period
    0:25 UTI Pyatt (2), (Boucher)
    18:41 UTI Dahlen (10), (Kero, Boucher)(PP)

    Second Period
    3:00 UTI Gaudette (5), (Bancks, MacEwen)
    3:59 SYR Barre-Boulet (19), (Verhaeghe)
    4:57 SYR Dumont (4), (Katchouk, Raddysh)
    5:38 UTI Dahlen (11), (Gaunce, MacEwen)
    15:33 UTI Lind (1), (Gaudette, Blujus)

    Third Period
    1:02 SYR Dumont (5), (Raddysh, Valleau)
    7:03 SYR Volkov (9), (Foote, Yan)(PP)

    A three goal deficit in the Third Period in pro hockey remains a death sentence seemingly 99% of the time. You might get the false hope goal to draw within one, but it's so hard to get a game tied and even harder to get all the way across the finish line to a victory. Syracuse came within an eyelash of tying the game late, but that's why the false hope goal is called the false hope goal.

    Syracuse has fallen 3 points back of first place in the North Division and have burned off many of their games in hand, now holding just one game in hand on division leading Rochester, although they hold a staggering six games in hand on division co-leading Utica.

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  • 6 days 17 hours ago

    Third Period comeback falls short in Utica.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 26 shots for the loss. It sure would be nice to get Ingram back soon.

    First Period
    2:28 UTI Dahlen (9), (Kero, MacEwen)(PP)

    Second Period
    18:52 UTI Kero (16), (Boucher, Pyatt)

    Third Period
    4:01 SYR Katchouk (6), (Gaunce, Andreoff)
    17:49 UTI Gaunce (12), (Hamilton, Bancks)
    19:31 SYR Conacher (15), (Valleau, Gaunce)

    Syracuse continues to struggle of late with starting slowly and then, also, getting goaltending that doesn't stop at least 9 of 10 shots. It's a frustrating sport when it's so much easier for the other team to score than yours.

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  • 1 week 15 hours ago

    Crunch leave a point on the ice.

    SYR-3 (SO)

    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 28 shots before allowing 1 of 5 to convert in the penalty shot session for the SO loss.

    First Period
    5:47 SYR Barre-Boulet (17), (Colton, Gaunce)

    Second Period
    4:36 CLE Broadhurst (7), (unassisted)
    9:25 CLE Fortier (1), (Broadhurst)
    15:58 SYR Barre-Boulet (18), (Verhaeghe, Dumont)

    Third Period
    4:31 SYR Verhaeghe (16), (Dumont, Foote)
    19:33 CLE DeSalvo (1), (Letestu, Clendening)(PP)


    CLE- Korostelev

    Alex Barre-Boulet, Gabriel Dumont, and Carter Verheaghe were the game's three stars.

    Syracuse surrendered a 6-on-4 goal with under a minute to go that ultimately cost them a point in the standings. That point accounts for the deficit between Syracuse and first place Rochester, although the Crunch hold two games in hand.

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  • 1 week 2 days ago

    Crunch incredibly drop a game where they only allowed 10 SOG.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 9 shots for the loss. In the whole game. That's a stat line I'm certain I'll never see again the rest of my life.

    First Period
    15:29 BNG Gignac (7), (Speers)

    Second Period
    10:10 BNG Baddock (2), (Bastian, Sissons)

    Third Period
    10:41 BNG Sharangovich (7), (Kapla, Ramage)
    18:00 BNG Lappin (11), (Gignac)(EN)

    There are no words. Syracuse outshot a team 35-10 and somehow got blown out 4-0.

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  • 1 week 6 days ago

    Crunch done in by poor opening period.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 4 goals on 24 shots for the loss.

    First Period
    6:09 TOR Brooks (6), (Mueller, Gagner)(PP)
    12:23 TOR Gagner (9), (Rosen, Bracco)(PP)
    19:24 TOR Oleksy (2), (Timashov, Leblanc)

    Second Period
    0:07 SYR Verhaeghe (15), (Gaunce)
    7:08 SYR Conacher (14), (Gaunce, Verhaeghe)(PP)
    17:02 TOR Mueller (19), (Gagner, Rosen)(PP)

    Third Period
    18:50 TOR Brooks (7), (Gagner)(EN)

    Carter Verhaeghe was the game's third star.

    The Crunch fell behind 3-0 in the First Period and that was ultimately the margin. They made a valiant attempt to climb back into it in the Second Period, but Toronto got their third power play goal toward the end of that frame, which really took the starch out of the rally.

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  • 2 weeks 17 hours ago

    Crunch quickly get back on winning track.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 1 goal on 20 shots in the victory.

    First Period
    12:26 SYR Barre-Boulet (16), (Conacher, Verhaeghe)(PP)

    Second Period
    4:40 SYR Volkov (8), (unassisted)

    Third Period
    6:55 SYR Verhaeghe (14), (Barre-Boulet)
    9:18 BRI Koivula (11), (Wotherspoon)

    Alex Barre-Boulet, Carter Verhaeghe, and Alexander Volkov were the game's three stars. Coincidentally, three players very much in line for cups of coffee in the NHL in the second half as the Lightning may want to diagnose just how much NHL-ready depth they might have available down in Syracuse.

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  • 2 weeks 2 days ago

    Comets avenge drubbing by doubling up Crunch.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 30 shots for the loss.

    First Period
    19:53 UTI Boucher (17), (MacEwen)

    Second Period
    8:16 SYR Barre-Boulet (15), (Conacher, Gaunce)(PP)

    Third Period
    5:59 UTI Graham (2), (Gaunce)(PP)
    7:54 UTI McEneny (4), (Kero)
    18:37 SYR Conacher (13), (Gaunce, Verhaeghe)(PP)
    18:58 UTI Gaunce (10), (Boucher, Demko)(EN)

    Productive night for dudes named Gaunce.

    The last time these teams squared off, Syracuse put a 10-1 pasting on the Comets. Hockey.

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  • 2 weeks 6 days ago

    The Colton and Andreoff show...

    SYR-4 (OT)

    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 33 shots for the OT victory.

    First Period
    1:32 SYR Colton (5), (Volkov, Barre-Boulet)
    6:58 SPR Farnham (2), (unassisted)
    13:20 SYR Andreoff (14), (Yan, Masin)

    Second Period
    18:52 SPR Mangene (3), (Zolnierczyk, Farnham)(PP)

    Third Period
    3:04 SYR Colton (6), (Volkov, Koekkoek)
    6:16 SPR Thompson (14), (Ang)

    2:22 SYR Andreoff (15), (Conacher, Gaunce)

    Andy Andreoff and Ross Colton were the game's first and second stars. Andreoff is a legitimate luxury for the Lightning organization, because he's probably a NHL caliber player, but they've got him to contribute night in and night out with the AHL team. Colton has a five game point streak going with 4 goals and 7 points in that span. He's one of many young Crunch players feasting in recent weeks.

    Syracuse now sits in a tie for first place in the North Division at 42 points, but they have 3 games in hand on the Rochester Americans.

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  • 2 weeks 6 days ago

    Catching up with the weekend... Crunch destroy their rivals.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 1 goal on 33 shots for the victory.

    First Period
    4:11 SYR Valleau (1), (Raddysh, Katchouk)
    14:12 SYR Verhaeghe (12), (Raddysh, Dumont)
    18:28 SYR Foote (5), (Katchouk, Raddysh)(PP)

    Second Period
    3:17 SYR Bourke (1), (Archambault, Yan)
    12:08 SYR Verhaeghe (13), (unassisted)
    14:53 UTI Arseneau (1), (Darcy, Blujus)
    18:44 SYR Conacher (12), (Dumont, Raddysh)(SH)

    Third Period
    7:52 SYR Dumont (3), (Andreoff, Gaunce)(SH)
    8:17 SYR Katchouk (5), (Raddysh, Foote)(SH)
    16:02 SYR Foote (6), (Colton, Bourke)
    18:32 SYR Yan (8), (Bourke, Volkov)

    Taylor Raddysh, Cal Foote, and Boris Katchouk were the game's three stars, which had to be music to the organization's ears. These were three of the most highly touted rookies joining the pro ranks this year and now all three are really rounding the corner and producing regularly, whereas before it was seemingly just Raddysh finding the scoresheet regularly.

    Considering Utica's only goal was assisted by two ex-Bolt Prospects, Cam Darcy and Dylan Blujus, it darned near was 11-0 Syracuse.

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