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  • 3 weeks 4 days ago

    Long offseason begins for Lightning organization.


    Cleveland Wins the Series 3-1

    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 25 shots for the loss.

    First Period
    6:36 CLE Foudy (1), (Letestu, Milano)

    Second Period
    4:31 CLE Broadhurst (1), (unassisted)
    18:02 CLE Foudy (2), (Milano, Wade)

    Third Period

    Cleveland got the early goal in this one and immediately had Syracuse chasing the game. The Crunch, unfortunately, just never caught up despite putting a lot of pressure (38 shots) in Cleveland's direction, especially in the final 40 minutes.

    With salary cap issues requiring changes up top, we may well see Dominik Masin and Cal Foote, among others, make the jump to the next level.

    Frustrating postseason top to bottom. It hurts badly, and the Lightning organization has some serious wagon-circling to do once the aftermath of Steve Yzerman departing to Detroit shakes out. This felt like an era ending with a whimper tonight, to be honest.

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  • 3 weeks 6 days ago

    Desperate Crunch stave off elimination.


    Cleveland Leads the Series 2-1

    Eddie Pasquale turned aside 25 of 26 for the victory.

    First Period
    12:10 SYR Barre-Boulet (1), (Stephens, Verhaeghe)

    Second Period

    Third Period
    0:31 SYR Andreoff (1), (Barre-Boulet, Verhaeghe)(PP)
    12:47 CLE Scott (2), (Dalpe)(SH)

    Alex Barre-Boulet and Carter Verhaeghe were the game's first and second stars.

    Backs against the wall, Syracuse grossly outshot Cleveland 20-8 through the first 40 minutes tonight and, but for some bad luck with some posts, probably deserved to have a much larger than 1-0 lead. Thankfully, they got the insurance marker on the PP early in the Third Period and then managed to withstand the age-old score effects surge from the Monsters the rest of the way. Game Four will really tell the tale, though, because I expect a lot more urgency from Cleveland facing the prospect of having to go to a decisive Game Five on the road in Syracuse if they fail to deliver in their own barn. Syracuse could really use a break through in their secondary scoring to help make that happen.

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  • 4 weeks 2 days ago

    Everything is bad in the Lightning organization right now.


    Cleveland Leads the Series 2-0

    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 30 shots for the loss.

    First Period

    Second Period
    0:18 CLE Scott (1), (MacInnis)
    12:36 SYR Colton (1), (Conacher, Verhaeghe)(PP)
    17:15 CLE DeSalvo (1), (Milano, Carlsson)

    Third Period
    9:05 CLE Letestu (2), (Milano)
    15:47 CLE Milano (1), (Carlsson)(EN)
    17:40 CLE Barach (1), (unassisted)(EN)

    I feel like I'm watching that episode of Married With Children where the devil makes a deal with Al Bundy to take the Bears to the Super Bowl, but then takes his football powers away so he can't win the Super Bowl... except hockey, and an entire organization.

  • 4 weeks 3 days ago

    :Face palm:


    Cleveland Leads the Series 1-0

    Eddie Pasquale allowed 4 goals on 27 shots for the loss.

    First Period

    Second Period
    10:15 CLE Letestu (1), (Milano, DeSalvo)
    12:26 CLE MacInnis (1), (unassisted)
    17:55 SYR Volkov (1), (Verhaeghe, Gaunce)(PP)

    Third Period
    10:49 SYR Conacher (1), (Gaunce, Verhaeghe)(PP)
    13:09 CLE Stenlund (1), (Sherwood, Cockerill)(PP)
    14:01 CLE Dalpe (1), (MacInnis, Vigneault)
    18:08 SYR Verhaeghe (1), (Barre-Boulet, Conacher)
    19:23 CLE Simpson (1), (unassisted)(EN)

    Carter Verhaeghe and Alex Barre-Boulet were the game's first and second stars.

    Syracuse was guilty of getting off to a slow start and didn't get back to even footing until midway through the final frame, only to come apart at the seams and allowed a couple of goals in less than a minute shortly thereafter. So now the Crunch fall squarely behind the eight ball going into Game Two, and I'm starting to really, REALLY hate the state of Ohio.

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  • 5 weeks 2 days ago

    Kings of the North.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 3 goals on 26 shots for the victory.

    First Period
    9:39 ROC Olofsson (29), (O'Regan)(PP)
    10:26 SYR Raddysh (18), (Stephens, Masin)

    Second Period

    Third Period
    2:30 SYR Stephens (11), (Raddysh, Labrie)
    2:47 ROC Olofsson (30), (Asplund, Gosselin)
    16:39 SYR Verhaeghe (34), (Barre-Boulet)
    18:06 SYR Dumont (15), (Gaunce)(EN)
    19:43 ROC Smith (2), (Veilleux, Cornel)

    Carter Verhaeghe and Pasquale were the game's first and second stars.

    How wonderful was it for the Crunch to get a total team win to kick down the door to the division title and seize crown? The kids, Taylor Raddysh and Mitchell Stephens, got Syracuse into the winning time, and the veterans like Verhaeghe and Gabriel Dumont took the team over the finish line.

    Now with 101 points going into their final regular season tilt tomorrow, Syracuse will finish with the second best regular season record in the entire league. The Crunch will wait to see who their first round playoff opponent will be: either the Belleville Senators or the Cleveland Monsters. Both clubs are tied at 82 points with the Sens holding a decisive ROW advantage as the tiebreaker. However, both teams have tough finales tomorrow against Rochester and Toronto, respectively.

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  • 5 weeks 3 days ago

    Crunch take care of business to set up important final two games of regular season.


    Eddie Pasquale allowed 1 goal on 21 shots for the victory.

    First Period
    1:34 SYR Volkov (22), (Barre-Boulet, Verhaeghe)
    2:39 SYR Andreoff (26), (Raddysh, Gaunce)
    12:58 LAV Struthers (1), (Alain, Fleury)(PP)

    Second Period
    1:21 SYR Verhaeghe (32), (Gaunce, Conacher)(PP)
    10:27 SYR Verhaeghe (33), (Dumont, Barre-Boulet)

    Third Period
    16:23 SYR Barre-Boulet (34), (Conacher)(PP)

    Carter Verhaeghe, Alex Barre-Boulet, and Cameron Gaunce were the game's three stars.

    This could've been a trap game where the team might've looked ahead at a big game against Rochester coming up, so it's reassuring to see the Crunch's big guns rise to the occasion to put away Laval efficiently in this one.

    Rochester lost to Bingo in OT tonight, so the Crunch hold a 2 point lead in the North Division with each team having two games left to play. Tomorrow night, 7 pm, the Americans come to town. If Syracuse wins, they hang another division banner. If not, their ROW advantage is now such that they could still win the division with a win against Utica on Sunday in the regular season finale. But, I'm going to posit a guess that nobody's going to be satisfied with backing into a division championship. So, tomorrow's game takes on incredible importance.

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  • 6 weeks 2 days ago

    Syracuse loses golden opportunity to put division away.


    Atte Tolvanen allowed 5 goals on 35 shots for the loss. With Pasquale up with the Lightning, the Crunch asked for a lot from the ATO this weekend.

    First Period
    0:33 ROC Simpson (20), (Porter)
    17:12 ROC MacWilliam (3), (Smith, Randell)

    Second Period
    2:05 ROC Veilleux (5), (Leier, Asplund)(PP)
    4:03 ROC Smith (28), (Redmond)
    11:22 ROC Simpson (21), (Hickey, Asplund)
    19:30 SYR Barre-Boulet (33), (Andreoff, Verhaeghe)

    Third Period
    5:54 SYR Yan (11), (Barre-Boulet, Foote)

    Alex Barre-Boulet was the game's third star.

    Syracuse could've cut their magic number to clinch the North Division down to one point with a win. Now, Rochester has cut Syracuse's division lead to three points and the Americans hold a game in hand. Syracuse finishes with Laval, Rochester, and Utica in a three games in three days scenario with very little margin for error.

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  • 6 weeks 3 days ago

    Crunch blow out Americans to take firm grip on North Division.


    Atte Tolvanen allowed 1 goal on 30 shots for the victory.

    First Period
    13:59 SYR Volkov (21), (Andreoff, Labrie)
    19:24 SYR Dumont (14), (Barre-Boulet)

    Second Period
    9:27 SYR Foote (10), (Volkov, Conacher)
    14:25 ROC Dougherty (2), (Porter, Thompson)

    Third Period
    8:27 SYR Verhaeghe (31), (unassisted)
    13:28 SYR Brassart (3), (Somppi, Yan)
    15:04 SYR Katchouk (11), (Dumont, Barre-Boulet)

    Alexander Volkov, Tolvanen, and Gabriel Dumont were the game's three stars.

    Massive four point game victory now puts the Crunch out front of Rochester by five points. Rochester does have a game in hand, but the magic number for the division title is five points with just four games left to play.

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  • 6 weeks 4 days ago

    Atte Tolvanen.


    Atte Tolvanen stopped all 34 shots he faced for his first professional shutout.

    First Period

    Second Period
    8:32 SYR Andreoff (25), (Volkov, Conacher)

    Third Period

    Tolvanen and Andy Andreoff were the game’s first and second stars.

    Syracuse holds a 3 point lead on Rochester for the division lead with the Americans holding a game in hand. The Crunch have five games remaining in their regular season.

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  • 7 weeks 1 day ago

    Crunch issue a galactic beat down to Comets.


    Atte Tolvanen allowed 2 goals on 25 shots for his first pro victory.

    First Period
    0:43 UTI Malone (3), (Pyatt, Gaunce)(PP)
    6:03 SYR Verhaeghe (30), (Foote, Masin)
    6:24 SYR Dumont (13), (Raddysh)(PP)
    16:21 SYR Volkov (19), (Verhaeghe, Yan)(PP)

    Second Period
    17:04 SYR Volkov (20), (Verhaeghe, Foote)(PP)
    17:49 SYR Colton (14), (Verhaeghe, Raddysh)

    Third Period
    11:51 UTI Gardiner (2), (Bancks)
    19:50 SYR Raddysh (17), (Brassart)

    Alexander Volkov, Carter Verhaeghe, and Tolvanen were the game's three stars. Volkov completes another late season assault on the 20 goal plateau. Ross Colton looks to have started his just a smidge to late to reach 20, but Taylor Raddysh might get there with a little push.

    The Upstate Galaxy Cup, much like the Florida Governor's Cup, in the hands of the good guys.

    Cal Foote is now just one point shy of the 30 point plateau for his rookie campaign. That's a solid first kick at the can.

    Syracuse's win keeps them a scant one point ahead of Rochester for the top spot in the division. Both teams have six games remaining with Syracuse holding a two game ROW advantage.

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