Erik Erlendsson Blogs Prospect Camp

Echoing many of the sentiments of Bolt Prospects blog writers today, Erik Erlendsson of the Trib [url=]has posted some of his comments on the first day of prospect camp.[/url] In general, there were some very positive notes made by Erik today: -Both [url=marek-kvapil]Marek Kvapil[/url] and [url=zbynek-hrdel]Zbynek Hrdel[/url] have apparently bulked up considerably over last season. That's especially important for Kvapil who was listed at less than 180 lbs last season and rarely ventured into the corners to do battle for the Falcons for fear of being, well, broken. -[url=karri-ramo]Karri Ramo[/url] apparently didn't come to camp in his best condition, but he still was excellent. -[url=kevin-quick]Kevin Quick[/url] held his own in the scrimmage despite struggling in practice. It's a shame he's leaning towards staying in high school rather than going to the USHL. Playing less than 30 games against prep school competition is not going to help his career any. He should be playing for Green Bay in the USHL with a view towards joining Minnesota or North Dakota in the WCHA. In my opinion, that is what would be best for him. Unfortunately, I think he's going to stay at Salisbury and if he doesn't want to leave the Northeast now, I doubt he's leaving any time soon meaning he'll probably play in the less physical Hockey East conference. -[url=mike-egener]Mike Egener[/url] apparently requested to be a part of this camp. It's good to see the character that got him drafted high in the second round is starting to show itself again. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Egener physically. His backwards skating, in my opinion, may be the best of anyone in this organization and his agility and balance are superb. His biggest challenge now is finding maturity. -Among the invitees, Kevin Croxton, David Desharnais and Jonathan D'Aversa were called out for strong play. Erlendsson points out there are contracts up for grabs in both Springfield and Johnstown, if not Tampa. - On the bad side, Marek Bartanus and Brady Greco sat with injuries. Also, [url=vladimir-mihalik]Vladimir Mihalik's[/url] struggles are apparently continuing.