Kvapil, Jones, Smaby to Make 2006 Debuts Wednesday

Quickly becoming one of the best sources for inside info on the web, Erik Erlendsson’s blog on the Tribune’s site states that Marek Kvapil, Matt Smaby, and Blair Jones will make their 2006 NHL exhibition debuts Wednesday night against Washington. Kvapil, who is positioning himself nicely for a spot on a scoring line should an injury occur, will get Ruslan Fedotenko's spot alongside Vaclav Prospal and Vincent Lecavalier. The lineup for Wednesday: Vinny Prospal-Vinny Lecavalier-Marek Kvapil Ryan Craig-Andreas Karlsson-Nikita Alexeev Norm Milley-Eric Perrin-Rob DiMaio Mitch Fritz-Blair Jones-Eric Healey Filip Kuba-Dan Boyle Doug Janik-Andy Delmore Matt Smaby-Nolan Pratt Marc Denis will get the start in goal and is scheduled to play the entire game. Johan Holmqvist is scheduled to start Friday’s game in Detroit.

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Kvapil got a couple of

Kvapil got a couple of exhibition games last season, as I recall, so this won't be his debut. A little self back patting time: we did pretty darn well with our top 10 rankings. Keller was the only one who was sent home in the first cuts. If only we had listened to the guy who wanted Jones in the top-10 over Keller!! ;)


I fixed it. I thought he got sent to SF early because he was fresh out of Saginaw. As for "the guy" who was promoting Jones over Keller, my memory is conveniently vague on that. Perhaps Keller's MVP runner-up is/was clouding judgement.

Kvapil's going to be

Kvapil's going to be Fedotenko's replacement if he leaves via free agency next year, in my opinion, so this might be a fortunate happenstance that he gets to play with Lecavalier and Prospal a little. Keller can still redeem himself, but he's in a streetfight now with Lascek and Smolenak from where I sit for a Falcons job. If we were to start the "Prospect o' the Week" feature this week, I think Jones would get it.

Cey and Deveaux?

I didn't know where else to post this, so I'll ask here...why are Cey and Deveaux not in camp? Aren't they under contract with Tampa?

I Believe So

I think they still are. In Cey's case I think it was a numbers game with six goaltenders already in camp. In Deveaux's case, what I can say is that Dirk Graham was his biggest advocate in the organization and now that Dirk is on the outs, Andre's stock may be suffering as a result. There are other rumors I've heard in regard to Andre, but it would be irresponsible for me to say anything publicly.

Toffey, too

John Toffey's been missing, also.


I see Lascek got cut despite the injury and Smolenak got cut, so that'd be 7 out of 10. Still pretty good IMO.

Somebody better take a good look at Jones.

Blair Jones is proving to be a consistent performer. This kid is going to surprise a few more people before the preseason is finished.

As they skated

After "The Turk" Belec announced reassignments, those remaining for one final practice broke out the multicolored Jofas and focussed on breakouts and forechecking. Seemed to provide a Training Camp Report Card of sorts. Lines: Afanasenkov-Richards-St.Louis Prospal-Lecavalier-Kvapil Craig-Karlsson-Alexeev Milley-Taylor-DiMaio Tarnasky-Perrin-Blatny Fritz-Jones-Healey Richardson-Delmore Pratt-Sarich O'Brien-Boyle Janik-Kuba Mihalik-Smaby/Waugh Egener-Dufresne

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