Feaster Confirms Lightning After Forwards

I hope this puts into perspective a lot of the mock drafts I've seen floating around with the Lightning taking goaltenders or defensemen. [url=http://bolts.tbo.com/lightning/MGBGZA7BRBE.html]Jay Feaster confirms in tomorrow's Tampa Tribune column by Erik Erlendsson that the team is looking for scoring forward help.[/url] He says: [i]"As we have assessed where we are in the minors and in the organization, again, the goal-scorers and skilled forwards are the guys we don't have enough of," Feaster said. "We really need to try to focus on some snipers and some guys who can make some plays."[/i] And some foreshadowing?: [i]"You can have a guy who is 6-foot-9 and skates like the wind but has the heart of a pea, you'll never win with him," he said. "But you have a guy like Marty St. Louis that is generously 5-9 when measured in his skates and skates well, has a lion's heart and will go through the end boards for you. You become Stanley Cup champion with guys like that."[/i] Cogliano? Bergfors? Hensick? About 1 PM tomorrow we'll know for sure.