ECHL Game Night 10/25: Nailers at Chiefs

Smolenak and Lascek's first career multi-point games. WHE-2 JHN-3 [url=radek-smolenak]Radek Smolenak[/url] and [url=stanislav-lascek]Stanislav Lascek[/url] each had 1 goal and 1 assist and the game winning talley was scored by recently acquired center Grant Jacobsen. Rookie Gus Katsuras had an individual helper in the game. [url=morgan-cey]Morgan Cey[/url] improved to 2-0-0 on the strength of a 32 save on 34 shot performance. Your three stars: 1. Cey, 2. Lascek, 3. Smolenak. Game sheet from [url=][/url].

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Coleman vs. Cey

Nice little battle there to keep an eye on. I thought it was interesting that Cey got the first game of the season over Coleman, who was at one time considered the No.3 in the TB organization.

The 3 stars weren't 1.Cey

The 3 stars weren't 1.Cey 2.Lascek and 3.Smolenak according to ECHL sheet????????

Changed Overnight

The ECHL must've corrected it on their sheet overnight.

Wouldn't Read Too Much Into That

I think Cey got the opening night start because the J-town fans are familiar with him more so than his being favored over Coleman.


Cey another start tonight. But 6 GAA so far. Not good.

Gerald mustve really dropped

Gerald mustve really dropped in the organization to have Cey starting over him. Cey shouldnt even be a back-up in the ECHL.

Not So

Morgan Cey is, in my view, an All-Star caliber ECHL goaltender and has AHL level upside.


There was an article online last week on the Johnstown Tribune-Democrats site interviewing Coach Anzalone. He was basic quoted as saying the Lightning wanted these guys signed.. the Lightning wanted us to trade for Jacobson (I think)... the Lightning wanted Smolenak & Lascek to get lot's of ice time... the Lightning thinks very highly of Coleman and wanted hin playing more this year than what he would get in Springy...

Why is he riding Cey now? What he didn't say, but what is obvious, is that Jay needs to show PSE that ownership interest in two minor league teams is cost effective in terms of the player development budget. Me thinks playoff teams would be more cost effective than non.

We're going to have to agree

We're going to have to agree to disagree...Cey isnt in the league of guys like Mike McKenna, Steve Silverthorn, David McKee, Rob McVicar, David Shantz, etc etc etc

A few mentioned are career ECHL guys, but Shantz, McKee, and McKenna arent and theyre heads above his play.

Still with Boutin now coming down, it makes Gerald the odd man out completely for the time being unless there is an injury that no one has spoke of yet

Boutin Won't Be There Long

The rumor going around Johnstown is that Jonathan was only there for this weekend.

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