Breaking 10,000

In the last 72 hours, Bolt Prospects has registered over 10,200 hits to set a new three day record for the site. Slow weeks at work? Perhaps. In any event, big thanks to all of our readers and Happy Holidays to you all.

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Congratulations on the hit count that's quite impressive. This place is probably tops for organizational news, but for that many hits, the site is low on discussion. Is that the way you founders' envision it? It is the only Lightning site I post on because it's mostly devoid of flammers and spammers. The discussions we do have are mostly sound and respectful in that there is dialogue that conflicts but nobody gets attacked for expressing a well intended (even if contrary) opinion. I'd like to see more dialogue between us to enliven the board a bit. Is that the vision of the keepers of this site?

No, I Wish People Would Comment More

The thing about blogging is, it only really works at its best if a community grows out of it and everyone starts to contribute to the discussion. If you do it right, the community will take the blog where it needs to go and there's less that the main bloggers have to report on or to guide discussion.

I have tried to encourage people to register and comment, but I think the problem is that the subject material here is not something that people in the Lightning fan base are actively engaged with. Very few Lightning fans get to see Springfield games and get to see any of our prospects play. They come here to read up on what is happening but it's hard for them to comment because they didn't get to catch the game. That's why the NHL game threads get the most comments. People feel like they can make informed posts because they had the opportunity to see the games.

I think in the long run we need to court more Falcons and Chiefs fans onto the site and also broaden our profile by marketing on other more broadly read sites to pull in the fans of junior teams or European pro teams where our prospects play. I think if we do that, we'll have much more discussion.

You described my situation exactly..

I'd love to comment on prospects but having not seen anything firsthand there's not much to say except making statistical observations or asking questions to those who have seen the games. Only a handful of Falcons fans have ventured out to sites of the parent organization and I haven't come across a Chiefs fan yet on a Bolts site, which is a shame (unless there's someone here I'm missing!).

Exactly. I'd love to be able

Exactly. I'd love to be able to see Falcons/Chiefs games, but I love being able to come here and read up on how some of the guys we might be seeing every game in the future are doing. It's also nice to be able to ask questions to people who are actually able to see the games/players first hand.


Pete, you guys have a great site. Have you ever considered asking the Falcons and/or Chiefs if you can provide video clips of players on your site? maybe start with the save of the week or something to that effect and then take it from there? It's an idea, don't know if its a good one or not, but that might be fun.

In all likelihood, that

In all likelihood, that footage would have to come either from B2 or from one of the local TV stations, which means there would likely be some $$$ involved in using it. I have seen Springfield's local TV station puts their sports segments up on the net and occassionally has some Falcons clips so maybe I will start linking them here.

I wish someone would put some clips up on YouTube. Then it would be easy to imbed and put them on here.

There Are Chiefs Fans Here

They come around. That's how I found out about their message board. They were coming here a lot to read the Johnstown season review this summer and I caught it on the referrers page. Hopefully one of them will see this and say hello.


Hey guys! Great to hear from you. Hope we both play a little better after the holiday break. Talk to you guys later.

Chiefs Party Piter

Information Site


This is a great site and it will continue to grow. You are correct in that few of us have the ability to see either the Falcons or Chief games.
Do you know if either of the teams are broadcast on the web? That would help us get a feel for their game. Also, a direct link to their home sites and local newspaper articles. Sometimes they show up from bloggers but it would help us keep up with those teams.

Keep up the great work. I've no doubt if the team hits it stride in the second half of the year the site will have a lot more input from the fans.


If you're willing to pay..

There's video streams of some Falcons and Chiefs games. Just look for the button on their official websites ( and I'm a cheapskate plus I usually don't have time or they're at the same time as a Bolts game.

Either that or you can settle for free audio streams. There's a button on the Falcons site for that. I don't know if the Chiefs have a radio stream..

Oh yeah for Falcons news from their local paper check out I don't know where to go for Chiefs news..

Chiefs News

The home paper in Johnstown is the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

Click on their sports section and scroll down to their pro sub-section.

Some of the best nuggets of information actually come out on the local Johnstown message board. I actually knew about Greco's arrest a few days before the Tribune-Democrat wrote about it because a poster their was on top of it.

If you go on MassLive's website they have a Falcons message board but it's not as nice as the Johnstown one. Not through any fault of the Falcons fans, there's just one trollish Phoenix Coyotes fan still lingering there from the last affiliation who takes the board far, far, far off topic.

B2 Networks

B2 Networks does webcasts of both the AHL and ECHL games. There is another company that also does webcasts of OHL and WHL games, but I haven't purchased any games from them.

B2's games are $6 each or you can buy a whole season for $2 a game. It's pricey and the quality is not perfect.

I've read that some of the WJC games may be available online for free, but I haven't looked into deeper yet.

As far as adding some links to the site, we were planning on doing that a couple of months ago, but we've gotten a bit sidetracked from that. I actually prepared a list of pertinent links and at some point I'm sure Tim will get around to putting them up.

There's a laundry list of things we haven't done that we'll eventually get around to. We're planning on eventually designing a logo and sprucing up the site graphics. We may even open that up to the readers and let them flex their Photoshopping skills. That'll lead to the creation of a banner so we can advertise the site around the internet a little better.

Content wise, I know I need to do some sprucing up of the player profiles. We have some things in the works as far as potential interviews with prospects/coaches. I'd love some day in the next six months to try and get together a comprehensive interview about the entire organization from one of our sources with the Lightning.

Is there anything I'm leaving out? Chad? Tim? Erik? James Brown?

We Broke 10,000 Again

We did it again over the last three days.

So I am guessing we get about 3,300 hits a day on weekdays and naturally the site traffic scales down to 1,000 hits, probably less, per day on the weekend. I wonder of Tim has a widget that has the exact numbers from last year.

I mean, if our regular season site traffic stayed steady for 52 weeks, we'd have about 1,000,000 hits a year. I know it doesn't because traffic goes down in the offseason with the exception of spikes at the draft and rookie camps, but it seems clear to me at current levels of traffic we'll probably get 500,000 to 750,000 hits easily this year and that is if we don't expand readership beyond current levels (which seems unlikely).

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