New Look & Message Boards

Leave some feedback regarding the new look... like/dislike?

Also, there has been some chatter here and over at some of the other Lightning-focused message boards about Bolt Prospects getting into the message board business. First of all... the software that we use at BP has discussion forums built into it. So, it's really just a mouse click and a little configuration to get them up and rolling. Not much effort. But...

The BP staff have not really decided if we want to compete with the various message boards. We can probably be persuaded, but message boards are only fun if a lot of folks are contributing. And, even though our software has discussion forums built in, the software's main purpose is not to be a message board, but to be a knowledge base and community publishing forum. That can include discussion forums, but they won't be feature rich like some message board specialty software. But the forums integrate well with all the other community publishing options we are trying to grow here. Maybe the time has come... I can promise they won't ever be orange, but I can't promise you an ignore feature. But there are other ways to handle that.

Feel free to comment about message boards too...

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I like this look better than the last version.

It's not a whole like different, but I generally grinned as this page opened versus grimaced the last time.

I like it but the design

I like it but the design really doesn't matter to me.

As for the Message boards I would love it. Not so much to kill the sunsports board but it would be nice to have a place that works half the time, isn't butt ugly, isn't the JV board and free from Gestapo style moderation of HF.

Looks good

I could see how some could find the links tough on the eyes, but the articles with black text on a soft background look great IMO.

A message board would be nice, but the really cut-rate ones are a pain to admin IMO and have a lack of features that annoys me, but I might just be picky! The software that HF runs is awesome but way too expensive for a small board. If they'd bother to update the SSN software (which must be going on 5 years old at this point) I wouldn't mind staying there, but when it goes down on a Friday, you know damn well you won't see it working again for the entire weekend. It's damn annoying to have days on end of error messages when there are games going on, and that's the only team board I can stomach anymore.

I don't get what's going on there, they surely have the funds to get something that won't crash as much as it has been lately, and now that there's another active board there you think they'd put some money/effort into updating it. We're probably the only ones that complain though, the fishing guys seem pretty easygoing. :D

I'm withholding comment on the problems at HF, but it ain't the mods in my book.

From the outside, it appears

From the outside, it appears SunSports may be having some cashflow problems seeing how they had half the hockey production crew walk out on them. With that in mind, I can see how the message board isn't a priority of theirs.

not sure about that

I'm pretty sure the problem was with the local cameraguy's union in whatever city that was, not anything with Sun/Fox. I remember reading that, but can't remember what game it was anymore and am having a hard time finding confirmation.

I just re-read at the e-mail I had gotten back from them the first time the board was down a few weeks ago, and it sounds like they don't handle any of the webpage stuff in-house. Maybe that's what causing the long delays when it screws up.

I like the themes a lot btw, and they seem to have a variety of font-sizes for people with vision problems.

nice set-up

Nice design and I am having no problems reading the material on the light blue backgrounds. This is definately an improvement, nice job guys and thanks much.

Thanks for the Change out Selections

Great to have the ability to use different setups and fonts. For the oldies like myself it is a real help.


Because your feedback

Because of your feedback, goldenbolt, it became obvious that I wasn't going to be able to *easily* theme something that appealed to everyone. So, I gave in to letting the users select their own theme. I let go... it was hard... instead of keeping a *single look* for the site... but it was really all for the better I think and it seems so obvious now. Now I'm not sure why I resisted it all this time. :-)



Thanks for all of your work on the site with the rest of the guys. One of the things we all learn is hindsight, it kinda of creeps up on you as time goes by. The beauty is we can all draw upon that experience with greater appeal and wonderment as the years pass...... LOL

The time for BBoards has come...

Well, since I was one of the folks that started this over on the SunSports board, I felt I needed to post.

I would love to have boards over here. I have no ill wishes towards their site but.....

1) I would love "one stop shopping". Even though I don't post or even log in here much, I'm lurking here almost everyday and I would love to have all the great info and BBords in one place.

2) I like the current design, blues are good for me and the font size is just about right.....

3) While the SunSports boards were down, I had to post on the JV Boards and it just felt wrong somehow....

4) Did I mention how much I respect Pete and Chad's opinions, even when we disagree, and it would be great to know that we would be promoting the site they are associated with (that was the kiss up part… even though I'm pretty sure that I posted the Sarich doesn't fit the system theory first!!!!!! :)

5) It wouldn’t be ORANGE!!!!!!

Patrick/ Jester47/ Swedish Sniper

No good deed goes unpunished

Discussion Forums are active...

At least temporarily. If it seems active and everyone is generally happy, we'll keep it going... Should be a link under your navigation panel or click here

This summer we just need to

This summer we just need to sit down and design a logo and a layout. As I've said to Tim and Chad, I'd like to open it up to the readers to get their ideas about what the logo and site layout should look like.

This layout is fine, just a little soft for my taste.

As far as message boards, if the demand is there from the readers, I say we do it. Customer's always right.

Much better look!

I like the color scheme and it's no longer posing as an operating system, heh.. Just nice and clean.

When I find some time I might try to throw together a quick little banner type logo to at least get the creative juices flowing. I've been meaning to for a while now but I wasn't sure what your plans on that were, since some blog sites just go for a complete lack of graphics.

As for message boards, I think the main concerns are how it may cannibalize the blog aspect of the site, and then keeping them moderated, though as long as it doesn't get flooded with new users it won't be a problem. The main reason I'd start using one here is to post in game day threads, especially if Sun's boards continue to be on the fritz like they have been. I wouldn't want them to take away from commenting directly on the blogs or having people post their own, though..

Go for it, Hoek...

I'm definitely open to a banner type logo. I don't like clutter, but I'm not set on a complete lack of graphics.

Color Scheme

Ok, maybe it's the eyes..... but it is very difficult to read the muted blue text and I find myself straining to read the page.
Note also that the size of the font or type also makes it a bit difficult to read. The depth of color in the post scheme for the headers, "Your Name:", "Subject:" and "Comment:" would be better appreciated. Yes, I confess to old eyes but it does/would impact my visits. Ah, just saw the yellow background with the text when you preview a comment, that contrast is much better for reading.


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