TB sends '08 4th rounder to LA for G Ryan Munce

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Kings have traded goaltender Ryan Munce to the Tampa Bay Lightning for a fourth-round draft choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Kings President/General Manager Dean Lombardi announced Saturday.

Munce, 21, has played in 17 games this season with Reading of the ECHL and has a 5-6-4 record, a 3.30 goals-against-average and a .884 save percentage. He was most recently with the Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League but had not appear in a game with the Monarchs this season. He was originally selected by the Kings in the third-round (82nd overall) of the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

Update- Pete
Source: LAKings.com.

Update Two-Pete
Ryan Munce has been added to the prospects page and his profile has been created with his basic biographical information.

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Sorry about forgetting the source.

What's your opinion on this? Part of another deal? I can't imagine why they'd do this when they already don't have enough minutes to spread around.

Coleman's Hurt

If I had to guess, it's because Coleman is severely hurt. He's been out about a month now, with the exception of the little he played against Augusta. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Coleman may need surgery now.

Munce? Coleman must be hurt

Munce? Coleman must be hurt much more than previously thought as you said. Still though, with a decent team last season Munce was average and this year he's been next to awful. 4th rounder? We mustve felt bad giving them Burke.

I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with yakacack, we must have felt really bad. I think Cey can handle his own in the "E." And to give up a 4th rounder for a guy that might be a backup or tandem echl'er for us is a lil excessive. Why couldnt we put the equipment manager in pads like every other echl team does. Me tinks Jay made was making deals last night as he was soucing it up with Ron Campbell. Either way lets hope this goalie came with a fresh bag of shiny new pucks.. and hopefully some type of future considerations (Like one of the many many many young talented forwards the Kings have)


First, let me say, the Chiefs HAVE been basically suiting up the equipment manager, or at least a gentleman named Chris Cuppett. The problem is in minor league hockey you play quite a few back-to-back-to-back games. No goaltender can handle that workload at any level.

As far as Munce goes, there was a time he was considered a very promising young prospect. In fact, he was ranked 1 spot ahead of Boutin by the CSS in his draft year. He played for a couple of terrible teams in Sarnia and that may have hurt his confidence/development. Hopefully the change of scenery does him good.

And yeah, this might also be a little something that got worked out on the side in the Burke waiver deal (which was pretty obviously a coordinated effort between Tampa and LA).

Too bad they coudlnt have

Too bad they coudlnt have worked a deal with a team like Las Vegas (that has Magliarditti and Nastiuk as well) for a kid named Mike McKenna. All he's done has had top 5 numbers two seasons in a row now for LV, stopped 17 of 18 shotrs in the All-Star game, had several AHL call-ups and could be a sleeper to go further. More talent than any of our ECHL goalies (Coleman included). He's only signed to LV and had no parent club, surely a guy like that couldve been had at less of a price then a 4th for a guy who has had confidence problems.

Hopefully Munce figures em out in the meantime, but Johnstown this season probably isnt the place to work that kink out.

I think

Maybe Jay had to give the Kings a 4th to take Burke's cap number. It had to be dressed up as a different deal. Munce may have been written off by the Kings and the Lightning had a current opening at his position. We lost the advantage of the vacated roster spot for Burke, but that extra $350K may make the difference in whether we acquire one player or two down the stretch or allow us to take on a higher quality single player down the stretch. We likely don't have Prospal on the table at this point and maybe not Feds or Sarich either. But Jay has created the $ space to acquire Brad Stuart, Eric Brewer, Freddy Modin, et al without having to move a very large contract. The next 5 weeks could be interesting on the trade front.

Now the question(s)

Now the question(s) becomes
- Is there anything else being worked out by TBL and the Kings
- Or did Jay really want to get Burkes money (I think about 350K) off the books that bad( LA probably would have taken Burke wihtoug a bribe) cuz he has another deal about to finalize but needed some extra pocket change. Maybe this means Jay is trying to add a player without taking trading someone(and their salary) on the current roster. Either way, I still was hoping for a 4th Jay would get someone at a position we need. Maybe he could have taken a flyer on an overlooked offensive dman or a goal scoring euro(i know both of these would be longshots) or a good agitator like Petr Kanko (i like that lil bugger)

Do you think one of our goalies might be in a trade scenario. Boutin anyone??

Oh, on a side note (Pete)whats the deal with Polushin. I know he had a knee thing. Do you think with a more humble Polushin Jay might try to bring him over


Last we were told Polushin was still on IR, but that was probably 2 months ago. The Lightning have seemed pretty ambivalent to Alexander for the past year or two. Guys like Koshechkin and the Kazionov brothers seem like much higher priorities right now coming out of Russia.

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