NCAA Game Night: 2/2

UMASS continued to play well down the stretch knocking off #13 Boston College 5-3. John Wessbecker was scoreless and +1 in the game. The Minutemen (13-8-4, 10-6-2) are now unbeaten in their last 4 and sit in 5th in the HEast one point ahead of #9 Maine.

#9 Maine kept pace with the rest of the league beating the new #1 ranked New Hampshire 4-2. Mike Lundin was scoreless and even in the game. The Black Bears (17-7-2, 10-7-1) sit 6th in the HEast one point behind UMASS and three ahead of Northeastern. New Hampshire took over the top ranking in both polls from Minnesota who had held the top spot for most of the year. Minnesota was swept by North Dakota last weekend and fell to #3.

Art Femenella was scoreless and even in #14 Vermont's 3-2 win over Providence. The Catamounts (15-8-4, 10-4-4) are now unbeaten in seven games and sit 3rd in the HEast three points behind Boston University and one point ahead of Boston College.

Dusty Collins was scoreless and finished even with 2 PIM in Northern Michigan's 1-0 shutout win over Lake Superior. The Wildcat's (12-17-2, 9-13-1) broke a three game losing streak with the win.

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Typical game for Lundin

Fun game to watch. The environment at UNH is great to see.

Lundin had, to paraphrase the announcers, "another smooth game."

Skating is fluid, smart decisions, good vision, nice passes...

He took a minus on the first UNH goal. Kind of a fluke play as the puck looked to be on its way out on the left side (Lundin's side) of the d-zone, but his partner was on that side in the corner so he slinked back into the crease, but more toward the hashmarks. The puck hit something and went to a UNH player who slapped it toward the goal and hit something else and dribbled to a winger who was way behind the play, but behind Lundin. He just tapped it in.

He got a plus back on the empty net goal.

What was encouraging (or expected for a senior) is when Maine got the PP in a tie game with about 5 minutes left in the third, Lundin was out there. They got the PP goal, though he didn't register on the scoring. He was on the ice and covered for Duffy, the other dman who pinched down the backdoor for the goal.

Equally as encouraging was after the go-ahead goal, Whitehead through him out for the first shift. He had a nice pass break-up in the neutral zone, didn't quickly get it away, but paused for a lane then put it up the wing (as you're supposed to with a lead). It was then the announcers made the "smooth" comment.

Maine is on again next weekend on CSTV. Against Vermont, I think.

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