Elliott Recalled to Springfield; Henrich Sent Down to Johnstown

Johnstown, PA (February 8, 2007) – The Johnstown Chiefs on Thursday announced that forward Brandon Elliott and defenseman Doug Andress have been recalled to the Springfield Falcons of the American Hockey League, and that Adam Henrich has been reassigned from Springfield to Johnstown.

A native of Orangeville, Ontario, Elliott has scored goals in three consecutive games and four of his previous five games, and in 38 games with Johnstown this season, the 22 year-old Elliott has scored 10 goals and four assists and accrued 99 penalty minutes. In 68 games with the Chiefs in 2005-06, Elliott scored 10 goals and added seven assists while accumulating a team-leading total of 207 penalty minutes. He began his professional career in the 2004-05 season, recording seven penalty minutes in two games with Springfield and two assists and 41 penalty minutes in 13 games with the ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings.

Under contract to the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League, Henrich has scored eight goals and 14 assists in 26 games with Johnstown, and potted two goals and two assists in eleven games with Springfield. A native of Thornhill, Ontario, Henrich was selected by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2nd round (60th overall) of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. Henrich scored 41 points (18g, 23) in 51 games with the Chiefs last season, and picked up three assists in 12 games with Springfield. In his rookie season in 2004-05, Henrich scored 26 points (10g, 16a) in 63 games with Springfield and scored two goals and an assist in six games with Johnstown.

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henrich being sent down?

y was henrich sent down he has played pretty well since being up, even getting some 1st line ice time? springfield says that the need offence yet the only guy who scored in the last game gets sent down...can some1 please explain whats going on?


Henrich scores the only goal against the Devils (the Falcons have scored 4 goals in their last 4 games, all against teams with losing records, and have now lost 8 in a row) and call up a guy who (arguably) has done nothing to merit a recall, and Henrich gets sent down.


I'd say Elliott has earned this call up. Although, I'm not sure Henrich deserved the demotion.

I think Heiny was pulled up

I think Heiny was pulled up with Andre as the two of them were on the offer block for a trade. When someone bit on Andre the deal was done, their purpose for having Adam up is over.

From this one opinion down in the E, if he's playing better there it's because he's happy to be back in the A. At times I've heard of his distaste for being here. If it's true - you can keep him.

Three cheers for Elly and Doug. I did hear rumors of a desire for another trade, so who knows!

interesting points but

interesting points but honestly though every guy that springy calls up plays on the 4th line gets hardly any ice time and then gets sent down so whats the point. at least henny was producing a little bit, smolenak on the other hand has no points and is a minus player in like 12 games yet he is still up...and look at stephen baby they pick him up in a trade and he hasnt played in the last 2 games a healthy scratch yet henny goes down?

Henrich wasn't playing on

Henrich wasn't playing on the fourth line. With Jones in Tampa, they were having him play some center on a scoring line.

ya for the 1st game then

ya for the 1st game then when the chicago deal happened that wasnt the case...Wanvig was playing there...

I was at the Marlie game and

I was at the Marlie game and Adam got plenty of ice time. He started the game centering the Milley and Healy then towards the end to the 1st, he centered the 2nd line. Springfield ran into penalty trouble in the 3rd and Adam's ice time became restricted since Springfield don't use him
on the PK. He was not playing on the perimeter and winning most of his 'one on one' battles.
Thought he was one of the better players on the ice for both teams.

i watched it on tv thought

i watched it on tv thought the same he was defintely one of the better players on both teams, at least on springfield, but guess this is the politics of hockey...go henny go!!!

I dont think he'll ever be

I dont think he'll ever be in the good graces of our bonehead front office, which is kinda sad when you think about it.

Sorry guys...

I can't fault the front office for giving up on Henrich - which is basically what's been done. I really liked him in Brampton, especially the way he upped his physical game after his draft year. But... he's been a bust. Not a bad draft choice, but he just didn't develop as expected and it would be a minor miracle if he is re-signed.

Ideally, for a second rounder from his year, we should be making a case for how he should be used in Tampa's top-6 right now, not trying to find reasons for him to stay in the AHL.

After the two part ways this summer, perhaps he'll excel with a fresh start somewhere else - but he's going to have to drop any perceived attitude about playing in the ECHL. He'll probably have to start there.

Pre-lockout, I think they

Pre-lockout, I think they might've given Henrich a one-year a la Afanasenkov after he finished his entry level deal to try to turn it around (and he did, obviously). Now, with the 50-man roster limit, you can't really burn roster spots on a guy like Henrich as easily. If a guy hasn't shown considerable progress after 3 years out of junior, he's probably got to go. I think Henrich has improved this year, but it's probably too little too late.

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