Springfield Notes: Boutin Back, Spina Moved to Center

According to today's Springfield Republican:

Jonathan Boutin has returned from injury (which was a concussion) and the team will carry three goaltenders into the weekend: Boutin, Karri Ramo, and Gerald Coleman. The paper says that a roster move could be made on Monday. Of interest here is Tampa Bay GM Jay Feaster telling the Tampa papers today that he doesn't want to deal off a player from the NHL roster, but instead - if a deal is to be made - he would use a prospect/pick. Tampa currently has three AHL-caliber goaltenders. Hmmmm…..

Also, Falcons Coach Steve Stirling plans to permanently move David Spina to center. Stirling likes the way Spina and Kyle Wanvig work with each other and the physical presence of Brandon Elliott on that line. The Republican points out Spina assisted on all three of Wanvig’s goals against Hartford the other night.

Probable top-3 lines entering the weekend:

Eric Healey – Daniel Corso – Norm Milley
Kyle Wanvig – David Spina – Brandon Elliott
Marek Kvapil – Dan Cavanaugh – Justin Keller

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Read this in today's local paper. Is the connotation that Kvapil and Keller are now considered 3rd line players on a cellar dwelling AHL team ? Also now that Taylor is healthy can Jones recall be considered permanent ?

Third Liners

Would you (or anyone) consider Brandon Elliott a second liner?

I'm not worried about Keller. Kvapil's season has been an enigma, however. Next year is a contract year for him.

I'm not going to pretend the team doesn't need help. They do.

Help Wanted

For the 3rd year in a row the Falcons are just playing out the string. Kinda tough on the paying customers though these last 3 seasons. Caveat emptor I guess. Kvapil did score last night. Maybe Cavanaugh's line can get something going.


I don't even want to imagine Feaster would listen to any offer involving Ramo. I seriously would question his ability to bring back an equal return on the guy who is going to hopefully be the goaltending answer in Tampa for a long time to come.

His time to make a move is coming up quick. Other teams are starting to solidify their rosters for the playoffs, and the guys are going to start flying off the market. He needs to make his moves soon so the team can continue their push into the playoffs.

Re: Goalies

I agree, Ramo is likely untouchable.

Coleman would be the most likely to go as a throw-in. That's just my guess.

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