Doug O'Brien Sent to Anaheim is reporting the Lightning have sent defenseman prospect Doug O’Brien to the Anaheim Ducks for AHL veteran defenseman Joe Rullier. The 6-3, 230 pound Rullier was part of the Brad Richards Rimouski Oceanic team that won the Memorial Cup in 2000. Rullier was drafted in the 5th round by Los Angeles in 1998 and was signed by the Kings following the Memorial Cup, but did not last with the club as he was signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Rangers in the summer of 2005, then by the Canucks in the summer of 2006. In January 2007 he was sent by Vancouver to Anaheim for a prospect.

Rullier totaled a career-high 31 points (8 goals) in 67 games last year for Hartford and Manchester. This year Manitoba and Portland he has 2 goals and 10 points in 31 games. Rullier had a career high of 322 penalty minutes and a plus-23 rating two seasons ago for Manchester.

Doug O’Brien, a native of Newfoundland, played in 5 games for Tampa Bay last season, going scoreless. After finishing last year with 32 points in 74 games for Springfield, he was expected to be an impact 2-way defenseman for the Falcons, but has a relatively quiet 19 points (6 goals) in 53 games. O’Brien will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Rullier likely comes into the Tampa Bay system as the ninth defenseman and first re-call on the backline from Springfield.

Rullier career stats from

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I see that the Falcons have

I see that the Falcons have aquired another dmen today for Mr. "Future consideratioins." Now that the SP has 30 dmen and just recalled another dozen forwards whats there roster looking like these days on a nightly basis.

Also, I see that Henrich is injured does anyone have an idea from what?? And of course Rogers is hurt as well ( poor kid cant stay healthy if his life depended on it *head shake*) so whats up with his injury?

Any info would be appreciated

Good luck tonight Springy against Worcester!!

Henrich injury

Henrich should play tonight. He was out with facial lacerations and dizziness (per SF Republican).

I'm working on the Rogers info.

Stephen Baby is also supposed to sit tonight (with Rogers) due to injury.


Rogers was limping fairly badly when I saw him after the game Saturday. I think he re-injured his groin (could be wrong though). He said he was fine, but the SF Rep. has been reporting lower body injury.


I guess it's the time of year for vaguely reported injuries such as "lower body" Thanks.

Lets just hope its anything

Lets just hope its anything but an ankle

Injury update

Although no specifics were given, the Lightning is under the understanding that both Rogers and Baby will be back for this weekend's games.


Played in last night's thumping by the Sharks. Baby didn't. Scoob in Spfld.


I had fired off the question before the game and didn't think to check when I got the reply today. Thanks, scoob.

not sure if anyone saw this

According to our old buddy George at HF, Tampa lost both their deals with Anaheim, this one because Doug O'Brien projects to be a top-4 NHL d-man.

But Doug O'Brien was a 6th

But Doug O'Brien was a 6th round pick. According to Bachul that automatically makes him "garbage".


He's probably basing that off junior stats - which goes against another of his philosophies - not using stats to determine value.

I like how they've allowed

I like how they've allowed the Lightning page to only have a top-16 list, very nice. Also a plus, still including Karri Akkanen on organizational roster even though the Lightning no longer hold his rights.

Maybe I'm biased, but their product really does look sad and pathetic next to ours. I didn't think that when we started this two years ago, but somewhere about the time we started to build up the static profile content we blew right past them and they're not catching back up, ever, so long as their editorial staff retains their anti-Lightning slant. I feel bad for Laugher having to clean up after a tool like Bachul and his puppeteers.

5 in one week

Yesterday, when going to their main page, they only had 5 articles posted for the last week. They have a huge staff there covering teams, leagues, countries... and they only had 5 articles/updates posted in the last week. That was surprising.

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