Kevin Quick to the OHL?

According to this post on Hockey's Future:

Quick and his younger brother went in the 8th and 9th round respectively. One poster speculated that the brother did not want to play NCAA hockey and that Kevin was on the fence. Apparently a family decision was made that if one team could get both, they would go together.

An intersting development.

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This would move Kevin into

This would move Kevin into the organization in the 2008-2009 season, which I suspect would suit the Lightning just fine.

It's pretty shocking stuff. It's a shame he didn't play in the OHL or the USHL this season, in retropect.

FYI - Last summer when I met

FYI - Last summer when I met Quick's parents they were very set on Kevin going to college and not juniors. Kevin did commit to U of Michigan back in November 2006.

Maybe the brother changed the dynamic

The brother's situation, school-wise, hockey-wise, etc. may be that he needs to go juniors. I don't know that, but just maybe. Even though the OHL draft is 15 rounds a team may only bring their top 2 selections and 2 wild cards in this year. Perhaps the only way to get the brother in this year is if Kevin came along too. If it's important enough to the family that the brother go junior this year, then the parents may have changed their thinking. To me, this appears to be the family looking at the big picture. It could also be that Kevin and parents have realized that he could be on a fast track to NHL $. Boyle is ufa after next season and if self-imposed payroll caps still exist for the Bolts, major decisions must be made and they may not free enough to keep Danny Boy.

Something fishy?

Hmm...according to this article, maybe something fishy could be going on. Granted, neither of the Quick's were selected in the first round of the OHL draft, but maybe there is some kind of "incentive" being given to them in order to go to the OHL?

Yes folks, Canadian junior

Yes folks, Canadian junior hockey, just like college football recruiting, can be crooked.

There was likely a trick to this happening.

From some of the stuff I read surrounding this pick brother deals have happened before and most junior teams are alert to it and will make picks just in order to stop it. But if you n otice (and I did not research how it came to pass) but the brother's were picked on consecutive picks in the 8th round. I suspect little brother was somewhat of a marginal prospect for this pick. So, if Kevin gets picked earlier another team picks the brother or if the brother goes first then someone definitly picks Kevin. That makes it more likely Kevin sticks to his Michigan connection.

Of course, we still haven't heard anything from the Quick's, so this is all speculation.

Being very close to the

Being very close to the Quick family I can vouge that Quick will play a year or two for the University of Michigan, and later jump in with the Lightning system. I almost gurantee he won't go to into the OHL, and younger brother Kyle spends another year or two at Salisbury prep. And to the guy who said the younger brother's academics are low, your wrong, Kyle is one of the smarter kids in his class. Bottom Line..Both Quicks are very talented, Kevin brings the slick, fluid high-paced skating style to the table, where as younger brother Kyle understands the game better than most kids his age. Kevin will be a star in the NHL, and don't be suprised if while he spends a year or two at Michigan, younger brother Kyle returns to Salisbury prep...

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