Will Perrin slip away?

With rumors of Montreal's interest in Perrin, I wonder how negotiations are going with Perrin. I'm afraid of losing him because his points don't indicate the importance he brought to this team! He played a big role as a forechecker and penalty killer, played top 6- 85 % of the time, and had he scored more early would have gained the confidence to score more. In other words, he almost had a great season. Remember the two big goals disallowed; the one where he "kicked it" and the one where he guided it with his hand? Both would have been game winning goals. This guy was close to crossing over: we need to keep Perrin! Don't under estimate what he brought / brings to the table!

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Whats the max amount bolts should pay perrin?

Where did you hear rumors Montreal was interested in Perrin?
Also what do you think a reasonable amount for his contract should be? I think 600k-700k per year range should be the max Perrin is worth, Feaster has said he wants him to be the 4th line center and any more than that is too much.

Fourth Period.com

A player is what he is, last year Perrin played all over but mostly 2nd line wing. I can't tell you how many times I confused him for Marty; and think how comfortable it felt to see him and Brad come out to reolace Taylor after we would be pinned up in a shooting gallery, and finally get a clear or whistle.

Feaster wants him to be a fourth line center, but they also wanted Denis... It wouldn't take long for his jump to spark the team, and he would no longer be a fourth line center, but an under paid second line wing.

I'd say 2 year (this guy needs some security) 1.25. But I wouldn't lose him over 75K. What would he be worth if he started scoring?

Yeah... 675k

I've penciled him at 675k, which I believe is his upper bound. He made 450k last season and deserves a raise. Anywhere between 575-675k is fair I believe. I don't his agent would let him take a multi-year deal at those numbers, though. Nobody argues the potential and the work ethic. But, Afanasenkov had the same, and there was a pay day waiting on him from Feaster whenever he translated the potential to actual. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, and we are waiting on the same from Perrin. Feaster has shown he's not relunctant to pay guys that are proven impact players. He needs to take the 650k or whatever and come to camp with a chip on his shoulder.


It appears to be more a matter of when. For a freshman (you have to exclude the brief interlude at the time of The Cup Run) his performance was by-and-large solid... this is someone who I expect will miss the sophomore drought and looks to only improve in the news few years.

Age should be a minor concern here, as long as his conditioning and speed stay up to par, this is a sound investment. He adjusts very quickly in whatever position he's placed and, given how Torts likes to mix the lines up, this guy is nothing but asset.

A minimum two-year here at 1.1 to 1.5, though I'd like to see a three year myself (no 'no trade' clauses). Even if he stays in line with this past season's numbers he's proven his worth both between regular season and multi-year playoffs.

Slipped away

He's now an Atlanta Chicken according to TSN. Two years, 1.5 mil.

Perrin Indication on coaching

So we lost Perrin over $150K over two years, or did we? According to this morning's St. Pete's Time apparently not. It sounds like Perrin did not want to risk getting caught in the 3-4 minutes a game cycle-trying to be part of a game/team- or the Torterella cycle. Playing hockey is fun; being part of a iron-fisted facade is not. If you're not in the flow, it is unlikely you'll be effective.

Maybe it's time for Tort's to do some personal evaluating on his coaching/player relationships- compare himself to Ruff or Carlyle (or even Martin) who seem to take their ego out of the job and create a sweeping force of 4 lines of interchangeabilty. With the Taylor temptation gone, maybe he'll do a better job?

So go ahead and appoint a real captain, or two. Let the players have some leadership responsibilty, and maybe even appologize to Feds and bring him back (dream- but understand the point) to a different system!

Perrin Indication on Perrin

I don't blame Perrin for leaving. He's a bottom liner and TB maybe had a 4th line center spot open for him, but nothing higher.

Is this an indication of Torts' coaching or ability to relate with players?

Don't think so.

You don't roll 4 lines when you're paying the big three what TB is paying them. You can roll 3 to rightly knock their minutes down a little - and that's why they paid a high price for Gratton. (still trying to grasp that, but whatever)

And everything mentioned above is why Perrin is not here.

Talk about looking for an opportunity! Thanks to the failures of Alexeev and Fedotenko and the prolonged injury to Craig, where did Perrin spend most of last year? That's right, on the 2nd or 3rd lines in an offensive role. And what did he do?

He proved he wasn't a consistent option for those lines.

I don't have anything against him because he was never supposed to be there. He's just not good enough. Richards fed him open looks and STL and him were able to work a little Catamount magic the odd time or two, but for the most part he was in a spot that was over his head.

So they're not going to re-sign him for a top-2 or big minute role.

And he started the year on the third line in what was supposed to be a 3-line attack but the third line was horrid. That's not all Perrin's fault, though. He actually played his way on to the third line.

Remember the Torts quote in camp? The little son of a b*Tch earned himself a spot on the roster?

He was supposed to be in SF last year. Why? Because that's what he is.

The Tampa Bay fanbase has been spoiled in recent years and I'm not sure they/we know how special certain situations actually were.

Have you ever heard a story like Martin St. Louis' before this year? If so, how many times?

Just because STL whiffed like Adam Dunn 3x a game in his first couple years with Tampa, then was able to turn it around, doesn't mean that every smallish college star has this capability - aside from the wiffing part.

Also, a turnaround like Afanasenkov's is always mentioned. A guy left for dead (or Switzerland in this case) comes back and plays his way onto the roster. Just because Affy did it, doesn't mean the Alexeev's are able to do it.

Personally, I give kudos to Torts in this case because for as strong willed as he is, he kept an open mind going into camp last year and changed his intentions and put Perrin in a good spot on the roster.

He had more opportunities than most anyone in his career position to prove he was a contributing NHLer. He didn't do anything besides prove that he could play in the NHL in a limited role and some fill in duty on a short term basis.

So, there's no one to blame for Perrin's lack of opportunity with the 2007-08 Bolts but Perrin.

Good luck to him.


Regardless, we must move on. Perrin missed a bunch of different ways, besides whiffing: posts/crossbars, dissallowed, horseshow saves. You have to be there to miss. I hope one of these new guys can replace him, because I don't see anyone from our current roster doing that.

Perrin did as much for the team as the team did for him. I'm sorry we could not communicate that to him in the form of opportunity and slightly more money (it wouldn't have taken much). I'm not sure about Prospal- in fact there are only three of six I'm sure of.

Maybe this fourth line thing was only a bargaining tool which backfired. My opinions as good as yours! Have you ever played?


I'm from Canada. It's the law.

Sentimentally Missed


I hope one of these new guys can replace him, because I don't see anyone from our current roster doing that.

Well... by new guys, I'm guessing you are referring to Ouellet and/or Hlavac. If so, then by all means these "new" guys have already proven on other NHL teams they can score the upside of 13 goals that Perrin put up last season and more, and arguably Hlavac and Ouellet have not consistently had a playmaker of Brad Richards' ilk to feed them. I'm certainly no Hlavac fan, but he and Ouellet both bring better a offensive resume to the team than Perrin, and more upside to boot.

And considering what Perrin brings to a third/fourth line role, there is no denying he is a pest on the forecheck. But so is Nick Tarnasky and Jason Ward both, and they bring it with gobs more size. Both bring a better bottom line game that Perrin does because their size makes them more effective.

In the grand scheme of things, Perrin was expendable. Expendable offensively certainly. Expendable also from a checking or energy line perspective, and both Tarnasky and Ward had already signed multi-year contracts for less than Perrin wanted. Expendable.

The only thing it seems not expendable about Eric Perrin is the bevy of Catamount groupies with a teary-eyed Penny Lane dream of reliving past glories with Marty and reveling in that sentimental story over and over about two old college buddies reunited for one more go of it in their 30's. Yes. We won't have that anymore. That is inexpendable.

Reasonable Expectations?


"...reveling in that sentimental story over and over about two old college buddies reunited for one more go of it in their 30's. Yes. We won't have that anymore. That is inexpendable...."

No, now we get to revel in that sentimental story ad nauseum about two old Rimouski buddies....

So who gets to be the next Bolts NHL Freshman to skewer??

Rimouski versus Catamount

The end comments for this pairing will be the same. If the newby can put the puck in the net on the second line it will be a great thing. If not the same will be said, can't finish, not worth the cost, was done only for the companionship and the ability to sell tickets. Whatever, let's move on. Eric chose to go, good luck c ya later.

No Story There...

There is no glory stories to revel in between Richards and Ouellet. They were on the Oceanic for one season together and rarely played on the same line.

You're confusing Ouellet with Juraj Kolnik. Kolnik was Richards' prolific linemate during the Memorial Cup season.

No confusion - the media is

No confusion - the media is always looking to tug heartstrings... but I'm won't hold my breath either!

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