Player movement.

Seeing all the talk about what we should do with our lines recently, there are two names out there I would LOVE to see in Tampa. The first is Huselius, and the second is Straka. I think either one of these guys could be deadly on a line with Richards. I think Huselius would be more costly on the trade front, but we have a deep ammount of goalies/defensemen that I think have some pretty decent value. He has a really nice cap number at 1.4 mil. Great hands, and perhaps he could move to the first line with Vinny, and move MSL back to the second line to wing with Richards. Huselius seems to be more of a passer to me which would make things odd with him and Richards being the playmaking type.

Straka is more costly, but if we could someone send a Prospal back the other way, it wouldn't be terrible, especially if Denis is somehow moved. I think Tampa has the ability to get a deal done for either one of these guys, it just comes down to how much is too much from the prospect/pick pool to get it done.