Now Taking Nominations: You Let the Dogs Out

We're going to switch gear and do something a little fun over the next week or two. One of the next features we're going to have on the site, now that we've released our 15th season All-Time Lightning Team is to create the All-Time Lightning All-Dog Team. We're going to go back through 14 seasons of Lightning hockey to reminisce on some of the worst players ever to wear the bolt and we need your help in crafting the list.

Here's the rules:

1.) You can't nominate any player whose rights are currently held by the Lightning. We're not looking to poison morale in the present, just to look back fondly on some of the bad old days. Sorry Tim Taylor haters, take it down the road.

2.) Whoever you nominate has to have played at least 10 games in a Lightning jersey. You lucked out Mario Larocque.

In the end we hope to have 12 awful forwards, 1 punchless enforcer, 6 defenseless defensemen and 2 sieve-like goaltenders. Nominees will be graded by the Bolt Prospects staff based on only the most unscientific of criteria, the foremost of which will be the shear stench they emitted while on the rink.

Don't feel like you have to give us all 22 players. Individual nominations are actually preferred. Use this blog thread to nominate who you think was the biggest mutt in Lightning history and give us a paragraph on why you think that player should be thrown in the pound. Then, keep checking Bolt Prospects over the next couple of weeks to see if we put your pooch on the list.

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First Nomination

And I will make the first nomination:

D Ian Herbers, 1999-2000
37 GP, 0-0-0, 45 PIM, -12

One of only two Lightning defensemen to ever make me want to gouge out my own eyes so I didn't have to watch them pretend to play. It's no coincidence he was in the British league two seasons later. Good thing too: they don't have a death penalty, and the way he played was definitely criminal. He's now the coach of the Johnstown Chiefs in the ECHL. He couldn't have outskated anyone in that league either.

good topic

I'm sure you'll get flooded with entries. These are two personal favorites, though they're more recent.

D Mathieu Biron, 36 games, 0-0-0, -16, 12 PIMs
People seem to agree when I call him a stiff, so let's just stick with that. -16 in only 36 games (probably averaging 10 minutes a game maybe?) says a lot. One of the biggest guys I've ever seen in person, but to this day I can't figure out why he still keeps getting contracts. I still remember an interview with Torts about him.
Torts: Ah, he's a really nice kid. Unfortunately he brings that onto the ice.
Reporter: So, do you have ways to get him going, make him mad?
Torts: Well, I dunno, but he certainly has ways of making ME mad.

G Dieter Kochan, 20 games, 1-11-0 3.96 GAA .862 SV%
There are probably guys more deserving, but I remember one particular game when he came in for Khabibulin, went to get the puck in the corner, lost the puck & got scored on while still out of the net. Me & the spouse called goalie screwups "pulling a Kochan" for a few years after that one. I see on TSN that he just retired, but he seems to have been pretty successful in the AHL, so glad things somewhat worked out for him.

where to begin...

I tend to shudder anytime I hear the names "Kevin Hodson" or "Rich Parent" (combined 6 wins through 54 total games), but I'd tend to lean toward Hodson if only because we brought him back out of retirement for him to do absolutely nothing useful as Habby's backup in 02-03.

In terms of enforcers you could make a strong case for Gordie Dwyer having stuck around for 3 seasons with only 4 assists and a 23-game suspension to show for it. Other than that, you could almost name anybody from those 50-losses/season years without much protest.


I'll never forget his first game. I went to a sports bar to watch this kid who Dudley just signed be the first to make the jump from the UHL to the NHL. That's like plucking someone off the Kansas City T-Bones "pro" baseball team and having them bat 3rd for the Royals the next day.

That poor kid.

I think Modano beat him on his first shift with a soft wrister from the left circles.

His eyes were as big as pancakes.

My Dog

Yves "the skating machine” Racine


Pete you might want to provide a list of former bolt players, I seem to remember a couple of enforcer types who were nothing but thugs on the ice but cannot remember their names. I have the feeling that I may have a mental block against remembering some of these dogs. What about Wendall Young- the goalie, geez I hope I got that right???

All-Time Roster

Per aapbolt's request, here is the all-time Lightning roster from hockeydb:

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