OT: UCF ice hockey

Just to throw this out there, on September 21st at 11PM, the UCF Golden Knights will play USF in the season opening game at the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland.

It's free for UCF students, 5 dollars for everyone else. If you don't mind being out late and want to watch some hockey, come on out.

For mapquest purposes, the address of RDV is:
8701 Maitland Summit Blvd
Orlando, FL 32810

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Or, just follow George

Or, just follow George O'Leary's bright red nose to Orlando.


Where did you find the schedule? The club hasn't updated their website in over a year, and the ACHA didn't have anything up for them when I checked a few days ago.


I work with their starting goalie. The entire UCF home schedule is as follows: (all games start at 10:30 PM)

9/21: USF
10/12: USF
10/12: GA Tech
10/19: Embry Riddle
10/26 and 10/27: UNC Greensboro
11/18: Middle Tenn. State
12/1: Embry Riddle
12/6: Depaul (D2 team, this game will be played in Rockledge)
12/7 and 12/8: Florida Gulf Coast
1/11: Illinois (D2)
1/17: Kennesaw State (D2, @ Rocklege)
1/18 and 1/19: Clemson (both @ Rockledge)
2/1 and 2/2: FSU
2/8: USF

There was apparently a scheduling conflict with ice time, which is why some games are being playing at the Rockledge location. Any other questions, just ask me and I'll let you know.


I'm working nights at an ice rink in the Nashville area where Middle Tennessee State practices and plays their home games. I've been watching them and they have some decent players. Not sure how they will match-up with the rest of the league but they skate well and should be fun to watch.

I played with FSU for half a season and the league then was basically a "Lets play hockey so we can fight league" I havent seen any games in quite awhile, hope it's changed for the better.


Well as far as I know, fighting is an automatic one game suspension and I believe also an ejection from the current game.

I went to every home game last season and I saw one fight (happened to be against FSU). It's definitely a hits league though. Kids have no problem taking themselves totally out of position and leaving their goalie hanging as long as they can lay the body.

The first home game was GREAT. Upwards of 400 people there.

UCF won game 1 by the score of 2-1, they lost the second game at USF 9-2.


I played for Grand Valley State in the ACHA a couple years ago, and you are correct about the fighting rule. It is an automatic one game suspension and you are thrown out of the current game. Although, fighting in that league is typically gloves on, helmets and face masks on and a little bit of wrestling.

Doesn't surprise me

During our "Training Camp" in the scrimmages guys were just head hunting...these are guys on the same team. Apparently, laying the big hit is what they thought got you on the team. After five games it was evident that other teams players thought the same thing.

I hurt my knee in a game, never returned to the lineup. Another guy who played junior B in B.C. played about 7 games and quit because of the type of play.

After watching MTSU practice it seems things are heading in the right direction. They played Air Force a couple years back and I believe they play Alabama-Huntsville. Pretty good teams.

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