First Day Scrimmage Results

According to, day one of camp scrimmages ended in a 1-1 tie between Team Black and Team White. Team White's goal was scored by winger Kyle Wanvig off assists from Brad Richards and Doug Janik while Team Black's goal was scored by Vincent Lecavalier off assists from Vaclav Prospal and Paul Ranger.

Wanvig and Janik continue to make a strong impression after good showings in camp during physical testing on Thursday and Friday. Erik Erlendsson also notes in his blog that Wanvig was displaying a strong physical presence throughout the game to go with his goal. The Lightning's top-12 forwards appeared to be set going into training camp, but Wanvig appears to be playing his way into the discussion of who will be the first forward called up at the very least.

Erlendsson notes none of the defensemen vying for the team's #6 and #7 defenseman jobs separated from the pack, and that all three goaltenders played well with wunderkind Karri Ramo stopping 16 of 16 shots faced including a penalty shot by rookie pro Mike Lundin.

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Wouldnt Janik having a

Wouldnt Janik having a strong camp and being ntoed as such possibly seperate him? Or am I just reading that all incorrect?


What's possibly going to keep Janik off the team isn't anything physical, it's mental. Torts doesn't know if he can trust Janik to make good decisions under duress and not turn the puck over, and no amount of assists is going to change that. That's something Janik's going to probably have to prove in the ex-games.

I think Janik's played himself into the lead pack for those jobs, I don't think he's moved ahead of the pack yet.

I could see where thats true

I could see where thats true for sure, though I hafta say at this point to me he stood out above his possible competition. Jancevski, Leach, Lampman, et all looked pretty poor if you ask me, though today was scrimmage one and tomorrow could be a new story.

I guess I could read it that way, that he hasnt necessarily stood out, but has been the best of the bunch thus far


I think it was in the Times where they noted how Janik was doing so much better than Jancevski in the fitness tests and Torts said he noticed it and it got his attention but, on the other hand, being able to skate laps wasn't the same thing as taking a hit to make a play or being smart with the puck in the defensive third, to paraphrase.

I'm not surprised he looks better than Jancevski and Lampman early on because he's the most mobile of the three. If the others are going to make up ground they'll make it up in the ex-games when they're going against people in different colored jerseys.

I'd be interested to get more people's impressions of Smaby as the scrimmages go on. F43 said he did some good things on Saturday. If it's close between him and some of the others I think they'll take Matt because they know he's got all the upside and is only going to get better with experience.

As much as I dislike Janik's game (he scares me to death every time he has to make a play with someone bearing down on him), I could live with a Smaby/Janik platoon.

Main thing I don't like about Janik's game.. all the dumb hooking and other stickwork penalties he takes. Though yeah his decision making is scary as well.

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