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First Cuts?

According to numerous published reports it appears the Lightning will be cutting 7 players from their roster after Saturday's preseason game against the Caps. Here's my initial thoughts on the seven who will go (subject to change based on performance in the Washington game, of course):

D Jay Leach
The only buzz in camp for Leach was for almost fighting Shane O'Brien.

D David Schneider
Undersized defenseman had a good camp. He'll be the power play anchor in Norfolk and have to earn his way up the ranks.

W Norm Milley
Hasn't done anything of note in camp. Will likely play on Norfolk's second line heading into the season.

C Blair Jones
Hasn't gained any traction in camp and has been overshadowed by the Craig MacDonald vs. Ryan Craig sideshow. Looks like he'll be Norfolk's #1 center entering the AHL season.

D Bryce Lampman
He had a solid 20+ minute performance in the preseason game against Dallas, but it may not be enough to save him after a quiet camp. If Jancevski falls off the bubble with a poor game against the Caps, he could possibly get second life.

D Mike Lundin
He improved his stock significantly in the past two weeks, but I don't think Torts keeps anyone he isn't seriously considering for a spot in Tampa in the final 26. The good news for Lundin is, he's probably sewed up his spot in Norfolk. There was some doubt on that front heading into Traverse City.

W/C Karl Stewart
He hits everything that moves, but with all the force of a Nerf dart. Kyle Wanvig's strong camp and preseason game against Dallas probably burst Stewart's bubble.

That means Mathieu Darche, Kyle Wanvig, Craig MacDonald, Karri Ramo, Matt Smaby, Dan Jancevski, and Doug Janik would all survive the first wave of cuts.

What do you all think?