Camp Norfolk: Team White Defeats Team Blue 6-4; Admirals Trim Roster

On Sunday at the Chilled Ponds Ice Sports Complex in Chesapeake, Radek Smolenak scored the game-tying and go-ahead goals to propel Team White past Team Blue 6-4 in the Admirals’ annual Blue vs. White intra-squad scrimmage game.

Boxscore (Team, Period/Time, Scorer, Assists):

1. BLUE 1/5:38 Rob Klinkhammer (Unassisted)
2. WHITE 1/9:40 Stan Lascek (Unassisted)
3. WHITE 1/10:14 Matt Radoslovich (Lance Monych, Vladimir Mihalik)
4. BLUE 1/11:50 Mike Falk (Rob Klinkhammer)
5. BLUE 2/6:21 Dana Tyrell (Mathieu Melanson)
6. WHITE 2/9:59 Radek Smolenak (Daine Todd, Vladimir Mihalik) (Power Play)
7. WHITE 2/13:20 Radek Smolenak (Marek Kvapil, Jay Holladay)
8. WHITE 3/7:58 Justin Keller (Brandon Elliott)
9. BLUE 3/16:24 Dana Tyrell (Unassisted) (Shorthanded)
10. WHITE 3/19:17 Justin Keller (Justin Taylor)

Penalties, goaltender stats, Norfolk cuts and scrimmage stats from the week on the flip.


1. 2/7:10 BLUE Jay Rosehill (Interference)
2. 2/11:53 WHITE Matt Radoslovich (Hooking)
3. 3/5:53 BLUE Jay Rosehill (Interference)
4. 3/10:09 WHITE Radek Smolenak (Cross Checking)
5. 3/10:09 BLUE Brett Angel (Slashing)
6. 3/15:54 BLUE Shawn Collymore (Tripping)

Goaltenders (Saves/Shots, Minutes Played, GAA, SV%)

Ryan Munce, BLUE: 5/9, 32 Min., 7.50, .556%
Jonathan Boutin, BLUE and WHITE: 18/22, 35 Min., 6.86, .818%
Morgan Cey, WHITE: 12/14, 37 Min., 3.24, .857%

Admirals Cut 15

Following the game, reported the Admirals reduced their roster by 15 players. Forwards Mike Falk, Torry Gajda, Mark Hurtubise, Lance Monych, Mark Rooneem and Chase Trull were assigned to the Admirals’ ECHL affiliate, the Mississippi SeaWolves.

Also headed to the ECHL are forwards Mathieu Melanson (Stockton) and Matt Radoslovich (Fresno).

Forwards Colby Pridham (Halifax, QMJHL), Daine Todd (Medicine Hat, WHL), Dana Tyrell (Prince George, WHL) and Colton Yellow Horn (Tri-City, WHL) along with defenseman Dane Crowley (Everett, WHL) will re-join their junior teams.

Defensemen Jerramie Domish and Jay Holladay were released from their tryouts.

Camp Scrimmage Stats

Those in Admirals camp competed in 5 scrimmages this week.

Scrimmage stats are as follows (Goals-Assists-Points, Penalties):

*Marek Kvapil 2-5-7, 1
Justin Taylor 4-1-5, 0
*Justin Keller 3-2-5, 0
*Radek Smolenak 3-1-4, 1
*Dana Tyrell 3-0-3, 0
Rob Klinkhammer 2-1-3, 0
*Vladimir Mihalik 1-2-3, 2
Lance Monych 1-2-3, 0
Shawn Collymore 2-0-2, 1
Colton Yellow Horn 2-0-2, 0
*Brandon Elliott 1-1-2, 1
Matt Radoslovich 1-1-2, 1
Mark Rooneem 1-1-2, 0
Chase Trull 1-1-2, 0
Mathieu Melanson 0-2-2, 0
Daine Todd 0-2-2, 0
*Dane Crowley 1-0-1, 1
Mike Falk 1-0-1, 0
*Zbynek Hrdel 1-0-1, 0
*Stanislav Lascek 1-0-1, 0
*Jay Rosehill 1-0-1, 3
*Justin Fletcher 0-1-1, 0
Jay Holladay 0-1-1, 0
*Ryan Munce 0-1-1, 0
Colby Pridham 0-1-1, 0
*Andy Rogers 0-1-1, 1
Brett Angel 0-0-0, 2
Jerramie Domish 0-0-0, 1
*Mike Egener 0-0-0, 3
Torry Gajda 0-0-0, 0
Mark Hurtubise 0-0-0, 0
*Chris Lawrence 0-0-0, 0


*Ryan Munce 74/82, 181 Min., 2.65, .908%
*Morgan Cey 69/79, 160 Min., 3.75, .873%
*Jonathan Boutin 79/92, 157 Min., 4.79, .859%

* = Lightning draftee or under contract with Tampa Bay.

For more on the Norfolk camp and the Admirals, see

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Winners and Losers

Having seen the overall scrimmage stats already:

Marek Kvapil
Justin Taylor*
Justin Keller
Radek Smolenak

Stanislav Lascek
Chris Lawrence

Assuming that the lines the Lightning were using in camp hold for the top two lines in Norfolk:


There is a hole at third line center Taylor might be able to get a contract and fill. The other option would be to move Stewart to third line center and bump Keller or Smolenak up to the second line, but knowing Stirling he prefers to play his vets together. That would make the third line the same line they had together in scrimmages:


Signing Taylor would make Smolenak an extra forward, unfortunately, with Elliot being the other in the enforcer's role. Lascek and Lawrence would be on the outside looking in to start the year, which they probably deserve.

Keller and Kvapil

On the checking line ? Scoob in Springfield.

Balanced Scoring

The Falcons went into the past two seasons with a designated checking line that couldn't stop anyone and didn't score any. I just don't think that works at the AHL level. You're better off rolling three scoring lines.

The Need for Balance

With all due respect to the Tampa fans. But I think last year showed that despite having two scoring lines with no contributions from the 3rd or 4th lines will catch up with you sooner or later, as in the New Jersey series.

And certainly Springfield last year had an anemic offense.

So trying to have some scoring on the 3rd or 4th line seems to be a priority in Tampa and it needs to be in Norfolk as well.

But the lines we see here are written in pencil. There will be more cuts from Tampa and I want to see how the ADs do in their preseason games with their lines.

Taylor needs to get a contract from Tampa or Norfolk. His numbers are good and all the reports from Chilled Ponds is he is playing well

TB Contracts

I'm going off the top of my head, but I think TB has 48 under contract.

With the Boyle issue and the injury scares in camp, my guess would be that they'd keep those 2 for NHL contributors and give Taylor an AHL deal with the promise there's room to grow in the organization with a good year.

He could give them that big 3rd line center that TB is so excited about having in Gratton.

The Numbers Crunch

Unfortunately, Taylor would maybe bump Lascek or Lawrence to the ECHL by my count.

This is what would happen, I think:




D pairings will completely morph depending on who the seventh guy down is so the d-men listed are more a body count than an actual suggestion of pairings. Once Boyle gets back healthy then there will be even more upheval once Lundin-or-Smaby-or-Lampman-or-Janik also gets sent down. If that player doesn't get plucked on waivers, well then there will be some hard decisions to make (like possibly cutting the cord on Egener or sending Mihalik to the E?).

I mean, there are already some tough decisions. Everything I'm hearing out of Norfolk is that Jay Rosehill is playing pretty well and Justin Fletcher doesn't suck either.

Also, Smoke Gets the Shaft

And, also, Smolenak would get the shaft in that scenario. He's played well but would be put in a situation where he wouldn't have steady ice time going into the season as one of the extra forwards. Considering he's the one I think has the most upside, I'd like to see him get a steady shift on the 2nd or 3rd line.


I wouldn't be surprised to see Rogers move down the ECHL and play a lot of minutes and get back on track before moving up.

Mihalik may have passed him by already. From their post-TC comments, it sure seemed like it.

They'd do that to Egener

They'd do that to Egener before they did it to Rogers. Remember, they've already ECHLed Eggs once in the past.


I don't think I would move Smolenak that far down the list. He's played well at Traverse City and in camp. IMO, he's better second line material rather than Stewart. Stewart is a checking line-agitator with lesser scoring ability than Smolenak. Stewart would pair well with Elliot who looks to be the enforcer for the ADs. I would start Smolenak on the 2nd line and see how it goes.

I Agree

I would probably pass on Taylor and move Stewart to third line center between Keller and Kvapil and put Smolenak with MacDonald and Milley.

Wanvig can play center too, so there are other permutations to consider.

But, I'm not the one making the decisions. Steve Stirling is and the man likes to play his veterans in bunches.


Stewart is a 20+ goal scorer in the AHL, so he can hold down a 2nd line spot pretty well.

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