AHL Game Day 10/14: Admirals at Falcons

The Ads almost pulled off the upset.


Morgan Cey allowed 4 goals on 21 shots for the loss. The Admirals outshot the Falcons 29-21 in the game, the first time they've outshot an opponent this season.

First Period
NOR Hrdel, (1) (Jones, Kvapil), 19:17

Second Period
SPR Nilsson, (1) (Bisaillon, Thoresen), 4:15
NOR Egener, (1) (Jones, Wanvig), 4:42

Third Period
SPR Reddox, (3) (Berry, Smid), 6:09
SPR Nilsson, (2) (Thoresen, Rourke), 6:37
SPR Peckham, (1) (Bodie), 9:22 (PP)
NOR Jones, (1) (Wanvig, Egener), 10:32

Norfolk held a 2-1 lead heading into the third period before surrendering 3 straight goals to Springfield in the first 9:22 of the final frame.

Blair Jones earned second star honors in the game with 1 goal and 2 assists in the contest. Mike Egener, who seriously is taking well to his conversion to forward, had 1 goal and 1 assist and Kyle Wanvig, the third member of that line, had 2 assists.

The Admirals finish their season opening road trip at 1-3. They head home for two games against Binghamton next weekend (which I shall attend).

Game sheet from TheAHL.com.

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Kudos to Egener for stepping in here when needed. It'll be interesting to see what's done with him when the 4 Canucks get their papers.

What I didn't like seeing was Egener taking an elbowing penalty with under two minutes left in a game they're down by 1.

Elbowing Aside

When you think about it, converting him to forward makes a degree of sense. He's behind Lundin, Mihalik, Quick, and Rogers on the long term depth chart. Now, while I personally think he's just one really bad area of his game away from being a #6-#7 energy type guy in the NHL, the fact is every single one of the guys ahead of him probably has more long term upside than he does.

But, he's also one of the best skaters in this organization. For a man his size he is incredibly quick and agile. And he's as tough as a $2 steak. To repeat what I said when we drafted him: Mike Egener is like John Wayne and 1-ply toilet paper. He's rough, tough, and he won't take shit off of anyone. Now, if you could channel that into him being a left winger, all of a sudden you've got a speedier version of Nick Tarnasky to potentially put on your fourth line in a year or two.

Obviously, a position change rarely takes in professional hockey. But this is an organization which has pulled it off before with Ben Clymer. Considering the large amount of defensive depth in Norfolk right now, I see no problem in investing a couple of months in this experiment, especially considering half of Norfolk's forwards, for all intents and purposes, suck.

PS Chad

Prelim rankings, old boy. The spreadsheet is eagerly anticipating crunching the numbers and spitting out some results.

That's weird.

I'm working on it now, and specifically on Egener's write-up. Talk about a coincidence.

Something Positive Out of the Loss

Right now the team is playing hard and not giving up. That is a good sign for a team which called it in the last part of the year last year.

Another good sign is that we see some others like Hrdel, Jones and Egener scoring. We are not going to have a player who is going to put up 40 to 50 goals for us this year. We need the scoring to come from a number of the players. We are starting to see that some. Time will tell on that.

Egener may well be better suited to the 4th line. You are correct in that we have a logjam in the defensive corps. If he can score some, hit consistently and do a little enforcing, the 4th line would be for him. He seems to have the skating ability. It was rumored Angel was going to be converted to the 4th line basically as an enforcer. But right now he brings nothing to the table offensively.

Hopefully our immigration issues will be resolved this week and the Karlsson situation in Tampa will shake out so someone gets assigned back here.

Their next game is Friday, so maybe some of the issues will be resolved this week.

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