ECHL Game Night 11/27: South Carolina at Mississippi

Big game from Zbynek Hrdel and Stan Lascek as the Sea Wolves extend their winning streak to 3 games.

South Carolina 3 @ Mississippi 5
F Zbynek Hrdel: 1-1-2; +2; 0 PIM; 3 SOG
F Stan Lascek: 0-2-2; Even; 0 PIM; 2 SOG
F Radek Smolenak: 0-1-1; +1; 2 PIM (interference); 5 SOG
F Marek Kvapil: DNP
F Brandon Elliott: DNP
G Ryan Munce: DNP

Former Bolt goaltending prospect Morgan Cey made 38 saves for the win. The two game series with South Carolina concludes Wednesday at 7:05pm CST.

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The team played well last

The team played well last night but I really got the feeling we were out-played on most accounts except the score. S.C. kept us in our end of the ice for much of the game. They were beating us to the pucks, along the boards, pretty much all over the ice. Between some great rushes on offense, good defense work and nice saves from Cey we got the win.

News on Kvapil?

BiloxiGeek, I'm assuming Kvapil is injured. What news do you have on him?


How has Lascek looked? Specifically, his effort?


In addition to Chad's inquiry could you give us some information on this. Is he going after the puck along the boards and in the corners? Is he playing any defense? Thanks.


Every time i see Kvapil he is in one of those velcro type casts on his foot... our radio guy tells us its an undisplaced tibia fracture and will be back at the end of the month or the beginning on January, he didnt show much to begin with so I dont know if we are missing anything

Chad who...?

Chad who...?

Lascek has brought very

Lascek has brought very improved passing skills to our team.. several of his points in the first few games were breakout passes from blue line to blue line... Walby said on one of the pregame shows he needed someone that would "try" those types of passes... as far as effort.. seems to me all of your guys seem to play well when the puck is on their stick... as far as digging and making the effort to get the puck in the corners, some of the comments on here seem to play out in real life. really disappointing

That's the reason why Lascek

That's the reason why Lascek and others are in Mississippi and not in Norfolk. These guys have the skills to play in the AHL and perhaps the NHL... but their play away from the puck or their ethic is wanting.

I think part of the reason

I think part of the reason Lascek is not in NOR right now is because of his conditioning after being out with the broken jaw.. he told me today in "broken english" he was not been feeling well lately... like the flu or something... get it? broken jaw, broken english

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