NHL Game Night 12/13: Flames at Lightning

Lightning lose a track meet.


Johan Holmqvist allowed 4 goals on 6 shots before giving way to Marc Denis who allowed 4 goals on 25 shots for the loss.

Box score and extended statistics from NHL.com.

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Ouelette Out, Jones Up

Ouelette is out 4-6 weeks with a separated shoulder. Blair Jones has been called up to fill the void. Jones has played really well for us so far. Sorry to lose him, but happy for Blair since it looks as if he will be in Tampa for a while.


MacDonald needs to go back down then.

The center situation can't be good in NF with both Jones and McD gone.

MacDonald has been honing his popcorn machine skills in Tampa and not much else. I don't see the logic in keeping him around, except as an emergency fill in possibly.

I Totally Agree

From a purely Norfolk standpoint, having MacDonald back would definitely be a good thing now that Jones is in Tampa. But I know the purely Norfolk point of view is of little import to the doings in Tampa.

But if he is just making popcorn in Tampa, why not let him come back down and get some playing time. Practice is fine but it is no substitute for game action. And from what it sounds like there is little game action for MacDonald in Tampa right now. I say this knowing full well Craig and his wife just welcomed a new arrival in the family and his wife and the kids are based in Tampa.

But with Jones gone, we need some center help badly here in Norfolk. And looking at what's available in MS, I see only Hurtubise and McAllister (?) as possible call ups, and they don't excite me at all. Without MacDonald, the ADs seemingly will have to take a dip in the ECHL pool to find someone who can come in and give us some help at center.

I know Ouelette is injured, but just really poor timing since we play division rivals Hershey tonight and Philly tomorrow night. But hey that is life in minor league hockey.

But hopefully, the powers that be in Tampa will give some real consideration to sending us MacDonald.


Erlendsson is saying Gratton could be out against WSH, but if he's okay to go, Jones isn't even going to play. MacDonald enters the lineup and Jones serves Orville's Best.


If Grats is out, both Jones and McD will play.

(per EE)

Why in the world would they

Why in the world would they call Blair up to not play him? Uncle Fester apparently doesnt have the money issues he says if he can continue to keep someone in the pressbox getting a birds eyeview of things night in and night out.

Even if Gratton is in, Blair should play and MacDonald should be in Norfolk. This would provide leadership to a team in the AHL that desperately needs it and MacDonald isnt a guy that has made even a lick of difference at the NHL level. He's an AHL lifer sorry to say and doesnt belong up here aside from injury call ups to play a game here and there in desperate times. Blair could get NHL icetime and prove that as solid as he has played in the AHL this season can be translated to the NHL game. Right now stands as our best offensive prospect and has shown himself to be a two-way player. Why not give that type of a player a chance (heck maybe even over Gratton's stupid penalties) to show them that this organization is the meritocracy they so often like to shove in everyones faces.

Walk the walk with that line Torts and not talk the talk.

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