Santa Claus is Coming to BP

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all BP'ers!

What will Santa bring to all good BP boys and girls this year?

For starters, BP'ers will wake up to the lastest version of the site software that BP uses. This means new themes and new functionality. More on this when the new version arrives.

Secondly, the plan is to install and integrate a hot smoking message board that will attract Lightning fans from near and far to come and discuss their favorite hockey team and prospects. Hopefully, little Timmy has been a good boy this year and Santa helps make the upgrade go smoothly. :-)

Finally, at some point during Christmas Eve, when accessing the BP site, you'll be presented with our handy-dandy site maintenance page. Don't fret, just go to bed early and don't peek, knowing that Santa has some surprises on the way.

Again, Merry Christmas.