BP Upgrade

As Santa delivered toys to all the good boys and girls, BP tech staff delivered a fresh new version of BP to its readers. And while the merits of this new software version will reveal itself in the weeks to come with added functionality, for now the main thing that you will see are some changed themes for you. Check them out by going to your Account and selecting the theme that feels right for you.

There's some bug-a-boos in the system still... mainly in the media department. The gallery and videos didn't upgrade smoothly, so I still have some work in that area before all is up to snuff. And I haven't forgotten about a full-featured message board integration either. I'm busy at work on that next.

But this gets the site back up and doing what it does best -- reporting on Tampa Bay Lightning prospects. More to come....

...Oh and if you observed any goofy behavior from the software or just don't plain like something, drop me a line either by comment or email.